Friday, November 30, 2012

Posts Every Other Day In December Until Christmas?!?

So I have decided to start a new series where I post every other day until Christmas starting December 1st. I know that many fashion and beauty bloggers post everyday, but since I don't post that often, I thought it would fun to start a short series of posts. The series will be called "Countdown to Christmas" and the posts will be based on winter and will include fashion, beauty, and gift ideas for the holiday season!

Thanks for reading!

Countdown to Christmas posts:
  1. My Fall-Winter Must Haves 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

Cranberry Crush: A Fall Makeup Tutorial

This look is inspired by Thanksgiving dinner and cranberry sauce. Cranberry colors look perfect for the fall and winter, whether you wear them on the eye, lip, or cheek. You could go subtle with the look or more dramatic. However, when doing a cranberry look, keep the cranberry color focused on only one feature (such as the eye, lip, or cheek) at a time, two if you're going more dramatic.
Here's my take on the cranberry trend!

Light champagne gold to the inner corner and tearduct area.

MAC's "Cranberry"
Take a cranberry color and place it on the outer corner and crease and blend it in so there are no harsh lines. Bring and blend the shadow to the middle of the lid. However, keep it more concentrated on the outer part of the lid and the crease.

MAC's "All that Glitters"
Take a champagne/gold and place it between the inner corner color and the cranberry color and blend.

Take a matte highlight color and place on the browbone. You can also place this near the crease if you feel you have too much of a harsh line at the crease.

Mix the cranberry color with your champagne/gold color and taking a pencil brush, place it on the bottom lash line.

Take a liquid liner and make a thin-middle line on the upper lashline.

Put on some black mascara.

Place a nude pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

Revlon Lipstain in "Honey"
Apply a nude pink or light cranberry lipstick to your lips.

I hope this helped or inspired you to try the cranberry trend this fall and winter!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Favorite Fall Fashion and Food!

If anyone is familiar with Lauren Conrad's blog, you would know that she does a weekly "Tuesday Ten" post. This post is inspired by these posts and is about my favorite fall fashion trends and food (two of my favorite things about fall!) Fall fashion is probably by favorite of all the seasons, because you can so much with it, such as sweaters and scarves. I also like fall colors, like maroons and neutrals. Along with fall fashion, I love fall foods, such as really hearty dishes and dishes incorporating seasonal vegetables like squash and pumpkin.

Chunky Sweaters. I love chunky sweaters in the fall! Especially paired with a chunky scarf and skinny jeans.
Pumpkin Cupcakes. Enough said.

Mixing Neutrals. I love neutrals when it comes to fashion, because all neutrals can go together without clashing. Fall is the prefect time to pair your favorite neutrals!

Chai Tea Lattes. I love tea, and in the fall and winter, there isn't anything better than a hot cup of chai.

Boots. There is pair of boots for everyone. In the fall, they can pull together a outfit, whether they are combat boots or riding boots.

Pumpkin Soup. When made right, it can taste so good on cold fall days!

Denim Shirt. This has been in for a little while, but it's coming in big this fall and winter. A light washed denim shirt can be paired with black or dark wash jeans and a pair of boots for a perfect fall look.

Rigatoni Zuccati. Roasted butternut squash in a creamy sauce. It's heaven!

Pleated Leather Skirt: I can't say this is one of my favorite trends. I couldn't personally pull it off, but for those who are more daring, it may be something to try, and it can look good. I do, however, see this being one of those trends where in 10 years, we will be saying "What were they thinking!?"

Pecan Pie. A perfect desert for the fall!

I hope you enjoyed this!
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Get the Style: Jessica Alba Street Style

Recently I have been liking Jessica Alba's street style. It's always casual but still classy and sophisticated. I especially love this outfit with pastel colors mixed with dark wash skinny jeans. Here is how I recreated her outfit.

These items go clockwise to the items shown (from top left corner):
  1. Flowy Blush Top: Any flowy, nude colored top would be perfect for this look.
  2. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: Go for a pair of skinny jeans that hit right at the ankle.
  3. Coral Cardigan: Layer on a colorful coral or creamsicle cardigan and roll up the sweater and shirt sleeves together.
  4. Simple Dangling Earrings: Even though you can't really see her earrings, it looks like she's wearing a pair of simple dangling earrings. Pearls could also work with this outfit.
  5. Flower Hair Clips: Pull some of your front hair/bangs back and clip two light colored flower clips next to each other to hold back the hair.
  6. Pearl and Bronze/Beaded Bracelets: Pair a few pearl bracelets and stone/bronze beaded bracelets together.
  7. Nude Flats:  Lastly, pair a pair of nude or gray colored flats with the outfit.
I hope this helped!
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