Sunday, September 29, 2013

Army Green Trend: How to Style and Favorite Pieces!

This fall, one of the "it" colors and something that I have been seeing a lot in stores is army green! Also sometimes labeled as olive green, this color is the perfect fall color, and can be worn with almost any neutral outfit. This color is an easy way to incorporate a subtle green into your fall wardrobe, even if the leaves outside are changing colors. I have been seeing this green color in everything from jackets to shirts to hair accessories. Here are a few of the most popular pieces that I have been seeing, some of my favorites, and how I would style them!

  1. Military Jacket. Probably the most popular army green clothing pieces in stores this fall is the basic military jacket with several pockets on the front with a synched waist. This jacket is a basic piece that will go with anything and is perfect for fall!
    • How to Wear: This jacket would look really cute unbuttoned with a striped tee, white scarf, black skinny jeans, and combat boots!
  2. Button Down Shirt. For those not into the military jacket but still like the army green trend, an army green button down shirt is a simple way to wear the trend 
    • How to Wear: Pair this button down shirt with dark wash skinny jeans, nude flats, and gold accessories for a causal day-out look.
  3. Leather Jacket. This is a little more daring army green piece and is a good alternative to the black leather jacket. It's a good subtle pop of color in the fall and would look good with some neutrals.
    • How to Wear: Since this jacket is green rather than black, add to the edgy-ness of the leather jacket by incorporating black and gold into the outfit. Pair this jacket with a black top and skinny jeans, brown combat boots, and a gold long necklace and bangles for an edgy fall look!
  4. Cameo Army Jacket. To make more of a statement with the army green trend, go for a cameo patterned jacket. This jacket is a simple way to add more color and detail to an otherwise boring outfit!
    • How to Wear: Since this piece makes a statement, pair this jacket with some simpler pieces, such as a white sweater, black skinny jeans or leggings, and brown combat boots.
  5. Skater Skirt. For those who are more girly and want to incorporate the army green trend into their fall wardrobe, this skater skirt is perfect! This skirt follows two fall trends, army green and skater skirts, in one item, making it the perfect fall piece! 
    • How to Wear: Pair this skirt with white fitted top, brown cardigan (army green and brown compliment each other well), and nude flats for an effortless day out look!
  6. Leather Sleeve Utility Jacket. Recently, I have been seeing this jacket more in stores. This combination of leather jacket and military jacket incorporates many different textures into one, trendy, fall item!
    • How to Wear: Since this piece has many different textures, keeping the rest of the outfit simple allows the outfit to not be to cluttered. Pair this jacket with a navy top, black skinny jeans, and riding or combat boots for a fresh and trendy look.
I hope you found this post helpful!
Are you liking the army green trend for the fall? How do you like to wear the trend?
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Sarah Hyland's Emmys 2013 Makeup Look!

Sarah Hyland's makeup at the 2013 Emmys definitely stood out on the red carpet! She went for a more dramatic look, centered around her maroon lipstick, which complimented well with her eye look and cheek color. The look also complimented the emerald colored dress and earrings well! Read on to see my take on her 2013 Emmys makeup look!

Sarah Hyland looks like she's wearing a full coverage foundation, so apply evenly and blend well. The center of her face look is her bronzed skin. To achieve this, apply a matte bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and temples. As for blush, it didn't look like she was wearing a ton of blush, just a deep subtle color, so apply a deep rose cream blush to the bottoms of the apples of your cheeks for that dewy glow. To finish off the look, apply a champagne highlighter generously to your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose to finish her glowly look.

First, to get Sarah Hyland's bold brows, fill eyebrows with a brow powder. Next, start off the eye look with a light champagne pink eyeshadow all over the lid. Take a natural light brown eyeshadow next and blend into the crease. Finish the eyeshadow look by applying a dark brown eyeshadow into the outer corner of the eye and a little bit into the crease in a sideways "v" shape, then blend well.

Apply a line of black pencil eyeliner on the upper lash line, then smudge the line a little bit. For the illusion of bigger eyes, apply a nude colored eyeliner to the water line. Finish the eye look off with some black mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.

The part of the look that ties it all together is the lipstick, which compliments the bronzer and blush nicely! Apply a berry red or maroon red lipstick , like Lancome's L'Absolu Rouge lipstick in "Berry Red" or Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in "Fabulous Fig", to finish the whole look!

I hope you found this helpful!
Who were your favorite Emmys looks?
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall Fashion Essentials 2013!

September is here and fall is officially about to start. This means bringing out the sweaters, warm scarves, and pumpkin spice lattes. As much as I love summer and always want it to last at least a month longer than it is, there's something about comfy sweaters and warm scarves that makes the transition between summer and fall not too bad! Many of the items that I consider fall fashion essentials are items that many of you may already have in your wardrobe or can be a great, versatile edition to your fall closet. Read on to see some of my fall fashion essentials for this year!

  1. Military Jacket. The military jacket has been in trend for a while now and I think that it's perfect for the fall. You can find them in many stores and are an unique piece that's easy to style. When paired with black skinny jeans and some boots, it's an easy, cute, put together casual look for the fall!
  2. Combat Boots. Boots are a must for the rainy months in the fall, and are both casual and trendy. Check out my Combat Boots Trend post to see some of my favorite combat boots! 
  3. Black Skinny Jeans. One of my favorite pieces of clothing for the cooler months are a pair of black skinny jeans or jeggings. Not only do they go with anything, but they can make a look more classy and can be worn during the day and night.
  4. Knit Infinity Scarf. Infinity scarves became popular a few years ago and are still in for this fall. It's probably because they are super easy to wear and can add some more texture to an outfit. Pair with any sweater and some skinny jeans and you have an easy, cute, complete look.
  5. Skater Skirt/Dress. I have mentioned this several times on my blog and I just had to include it in this post. Skater skirts and dresses have been in for several seasons and who says it's only a spring/summer trend? Pair with a pair of leggings and you have a cute and warm outfit for the fall!
  6. Striped Tee. This is more of a trend than a essential, but I have been seeing a lot of stripes this season and in the past and I love this trend because it's so simple yet classy and can be easily styled. I also think think that a striped tee would look really cute under a military jacket with some black skinny jeans!
  7. Statement Watch. This is a trend often seem on tumblr or instagram but can easily be worn by anyone. Statement watches are a perfect arm candy piece and can make an outfit look very sophisticated without trying too hard.
  8. Nude Flats. A pair of nude flats are a perfect way to transition from summer to fall. They are super versatile and literally go with any outfit without clashing. They also can be dressed down or dressed up easily!
I hope you found this post helpful!
What are some of your fall essentials?
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Get the Look: Lily Collin Seventeen Magazine Cover Makeup Look!

Ever since her appearance in "The Blind Side", I have been a major fan of Lily Collins! Who doesn't love her style and how she rocks the bold brows? This month, she was the cover model for the September issue of Seventeen magazine, with a fresh and classic makeup look that is perfect for the transition between summer and fall! This is a minimal makeup look with a little bit of a statement with the bold lip color. Read on to see how I recreated her Seventeen cover makeup look!

Lily Collin's makeup on the magazine cover is very fresh and simple. Rather than foundation, apply a concealer over imperfections and finish with a light powder. Apply some color with a light pink blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks. Finish the face makeup with a light highlighter on the tops of your cheek bones and the bridge of your nose to brighten the look.

Lily Collin's eye makeup is very simple with bold lashes. First, for Lily Collin's bold eyebrows, fill your eyebrows in with an eyebrow powder and set with a wax. Next, apply a light champagne eyeshadow color all over the lid and inner corner to brighten the eye area. Next, it doesn't look like she is wearing any eyeliner, but for the illusion for fuller lashes, apply a black/brown eyeliner to the tightline (upper waterline). Lastly, take a volumizing and lengthening black mascara and apply generously to the upper and lower lashes.

The center of her makeup look is her bright red lipstick. Apply a glossy, fuchsia-red lipstick to finish the whole look (this is the one that she wore on the cover, Lancome's Rouge in Love in "Midnight Rose")!

I hope you found this helpful!
What do you think about her makeup look?
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer: A Review + Swatches!

The new Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer (wow that's a mouthfull) has been getting a lot of buzz in the makeup world. So me, constantly being on the hunt for the perfect concealer, had to try this one out! This product is said to be a dupe for the YSL 'Touche Eclat' Radiant Touch Luminous Radiance Concealer, but I have never tried it before. Since there seemed to be a lot of hype around this product, I bought this concealer in the shade "Nude 330".

This concealer was the first brightening concealer that I have ever tried, so I didn't really know what to expect other than it concealing. I have to say that I am somewhat impressed by this product! It did conceal my under eye area, which is good, but it also did a good job at concealing redness and blemishes. As for brightening, I did find that it brighten my eye area nicely just enough and it doesn't have any sparkles or shimmer, so it looks very natural, which I loved!

Another pro about this concealer is that since it is brightening, it can be used as not just a concealer, but also as a brightener/highlight. To brighten my face, I apply this concealer under my eyes, on my chin, and above my upper lip. I don't apply this on my cheekbones, however, like most highlights, because first, I have oily skin so I don't use a highlight, and second, this isn't brightening enough, in my opinion, to be used as a highlighter and can look a little cakey.

Top: Swatch, Bottom: Blended
The reason why earlier I said I 'somewhat' like this concealer was because even though it did conceal my under eye area, I didn't find it to be long lasting. It didn't last as long as my Maybelline Fit Me concealer, and one of the things I look for in a concealer is whether it's long-wearing. However, in the product's defense, it isn't advertised as a super-long-wearing concealer.
Another problem with this concealer was that I found that it tended to crease throughout the day, even when I did set it. Overall though, I thought that this was a decent concealer and would recommend it to those looking for an affordable brightening concealer.

   - Brightens under the eye
   - Multi-purpose concealer
   - Conceals under eyes and blemishes well

   - Creases throughout the day
   - Only lasts up to 4-5 hours

Overall Rating: 7.5 out of 10

I hope you found this helpful!
Do you think that you will try this product out?
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Monday, September 9, 2013

Get the Style: Kendall Jenner Street Style

Kendall Jenner has an edgy style while still a little girly. Of all the Kardashian styles, hers is one of my favorites, even though it's very different than mine. Her style is simple yet chic so I feel like anyone can pull it off! In the summer, she can always be seen with a pair of aviator sunglasses paired with a simple top, so her style isn't too hard to steal if you have all the essentials. Read on to see how I recreated Kendall's style!

Outfit #1:
This first outfit is one of Kendall's more edgy outfits with the yellow pants and wedged sneakers. Pair some yellow skinny jeans (any color could work though) with a loose white tank top. Cover with a white lose cardigan and tie the outfit together with some wedged beige sneakers and aviators.

Outfit #2:
This outfit is perfect for a casual summer or warmer day, whether you're going to hang out with some friends or going to a concert! Pair a light floral crop top with some distressed light-washed denim shorts for that super casual look. Finish the look up with a simple wristlet and some white crochet shoes (Kendall was wearing the crochet TOMS) and a pair of aviators.

Outfit #3:
This outfit is a super chic and classic outfit. The white loose crop tank and black leggings is a very versatile look and the wool fedora, aviators, and black leather bag complete the look perfectly.
The look is also perfect whether you're out during the day or you're out at night with some friends. For the day, wear this outfit with some black combat boots like Kendall did for that more edgy look. For the night, swap the boots with some black wedges or heels for a casual night out look.

I hope you found this post helpful!
Please comment below on what you think of Kendall's style!

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School: A Tag!

September has started which means for most students, school has also started. This tag is about Back to School and was started by Sparkliebarbiexo and Daniaustin2 on Youtube. Even though I don't make Youtube videos, I still wanted to do this take since many of these questions were relevant to my blog and just seemed like a fun thing to write about! Read on to see the questions and answers to this tag!

1. Top 3 Backpack Essentials [beauty]
My three beauty backpack essentials is probably blotting papers (or a powder), concealer, and a tinted chapstick. Blotting papers or a mattifying powder is perfect for removing the oils that build up throughout the long school day. My concealer tends to fade throughout the day and since I have bad under-eye circles, sometimes I like to touch up on my concealer. I also always carry chapstick with me, and for school, I find that a tinted chapstick is more natural and easier to apply than a lipstick or lipgloss.

2. Favorite fragrance to attract your school crush?
My favorite fragrance is probably either "Sweet Pea" or "Forever Sunshine" from Bath and Body Works, although, I can't say that these scents actually attracted any guys for me. Whether or not they attracted guys doesn't really matter though, because both of these scents are delicious and smell so good and fresh! Would defiantly recommend them for school!

3. Do you have any school horror stories?
I can't think of any specific horror stories as of this moment aside, however, during my sophomore year of high school, I was pretty shy and I had this one class (english) that I would hate to walk into because I knew that sometime during that class period my teacher would call on me during a discussion and I would always be like a deer in headlights and my mind would go blank, making answering the question terrifying.
For a more humiliating story, during my senior year of high school, I was walking down the hallway, stepped into a puddle of water by the water fountain, and I completely slide and fall on my butt. To make it worse, I get up only to slip and fall again after one step. Defiantly not the highlight of my high school years.

4. Do you plan your outfits before? Or do you decide the day of?
I plan most of my outfits before, sometimes even over the weekend for the next week. This is mainly because I don't usually have time in the morning to decide what to wear. I want sleep as much as possible in the morning! I'm also half asleep when I get ready in the morning so deciding an outfit when I'm not wide awake usually isn't a good idea if I want to look put-together.

5. Must-Have Back to School beauty trend?
My favorite back to school beauty trend is probably either bright the under eye area or rosey cheeks. Both of these trends brighten up and freshen the face after waking up early in the morning and are easy to touch up during the day.

6. Favorite Back to School Fashion trend?
My favorite back to school trend would probably be A-line skirts. This as been an overall favorite trend of mine for a while now and I think that it's the perfect trend to transition between the summer and school year. Plus, you can get school appropriate lengths and can easily be styled. You can also wear tights underneath them if it starts to get cooler.

7. Best store for school supply shopping?
When it comes to school supplies shopping, my favorite stores are Office Depot and Target. I find that Office Depot has better selections on the basic school supplies like notebooks and pencils while Target tends to have better prices and cuter supplies.

8. What is your best quick fix for makeup during school?
I know that I have said this several times already in this post, but probably a concealer for a quick pick-up for the eye area. Throughout the day, my concealer tends to fade, but if I just apply a little bit of concealer under my eyes, it instantly brightens my face and makes me look more awake.

9. Any back to school traditions?
I don't really have any back to school traditions. Every year though on the first day of school, my parents would drive me to school rather than riding the bus. Other than that though, I don't think I really had any other back to school traditions!

10. Best school tip you've ever received?
The best school tip I have received is probably one that most people have received: try your best at school and stay focused. During high school, staying focused in class was sometimes a chore, especially if the teacher had a monotone voice or you had a classroom full of your friends. However, if you set your priorities and focus on school, you will be thankful later and feel very accomplished!
Another tip is to be yourself and be open minded. Being yourself at school will allow you to make the right friends. When I say to be open minded, I wouldn't recommend excluding people from your friend group or being very clique-y. New people may surprise you!

I hope enjoyed this post!
I would love to hear your answers to any of the questions in this tag!
Please comment down below!

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