Sunday, November 4, 2012

Get the Style: Jessica Alba Street Style

Recently I have been liking Jessica Alba's street style. It's always casual but still classy and sophisticated. I especially love this outfit with pastel colors mixed with dark wash skinny jeans. Here is how I recreated her outfit.

These items go clockwise to the items shown (from top left corner):
  1. Flowy Blush Top: Any flowy, nude colored top would be perfect for this look.
  2. Dark Wash Skinny Jeans: Go for a pair of skinny jeans that hit right at the ankle.
  3. Coral Cardigan: Layer on a colorful coral or creamsicle cardigan and roll up the sweater and shirt sleeves together.
  4. Simple Dangling Earrings: Even though you can't really see her earrings, it looks like she's wearing a pair of simple dangling earrings. Pearls could also work with this outfit.
  5. Flower Hair Clips: Pull some of your front hair/bangs back and clip two light colored flower clips next to each other to hold back the hair.
  6. Pearl and Bronze/Beaded Bracelets: Pair a few pearl bracelets and stone/bronze beaded bracelets together.
  7. Nude Flats:  Lastly, pair a pair of nude or gray colored flats with the outfit.
I hope this helped!

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