Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall Nail Polish Trends 2013!

Every year, I get so excited to see brands come out with their fall nail polish collection! I love browsing through the shelves of nail polish in stores and salons looking at all the fall nail polish colors, from cranberries to neutrals. During the fall, I tend to go towards more creamy colors rather than shimmery colors and also more darker colors. Read on to see some of my favorite fall nail polish trends this year!

My absolute favorite color this fall is cranberry! I love cranberry and maroon for the fall and I think that a creamy cranberry color is a staple for the fall! It looks super chic and is a trendy and pretty twist to the typical red color! The ones shown above are Essie's "Bahama Mama" and Zoya's "Toni".

Every year, I seem to see some sort of gray as a trend for the fall. It's definitely a staple for the fall! It's a very subtle that won't draw to much attention to your nails, while still making your nails look on trend and polished! The ones shown above are Sephora Collections Nail Polish in "Berlin Underground" and  Essie's "Chinchilly"

You can never go wrong with a neutral! It's a must have color that looks good year round. It's a color that you can wear and not worry about it clashing with your outfit! Neutrals are also a perfect way to have polished nails without making a huge statement. The ones shown above are Julep's in "Florence" and Marc Jacobs Nail Lacquer in "Funny Girl".

Navy blue has always been one of my favorite fall colors! It's the perfect alternative to a black and is such a pretty color whether it's a cream nail polish or shimmery color. It's also the perfect color to transition into winter. The ones shown above are Essie's "After School Boy Blazer" and Opi's "Road House Blues".

I hope you found this post helpful!
What is your favorite nail polish color this fall!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sweater Weather Tag!

I love tags and I love fall, so when I saw this tag going around YouTube, I had to do it! I love the questions in this tag, because it's different than the typical "what's your favorite fall product" kind of tag and also has some fun non-beauty related questions. I also love the name of this tag! Who else started playing the song "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood in their head when reading the name? Love that song! Read on to see my answers to the questions!

1. Favorite candle scent? I know that everyone says this, but probably "Leaves" by Bath and Body Works. I may also be bias, because that's the only fall candle I've ever bought and I haven't stopped by anywhere to smell candles. "Leaves" though is such a perfect and unique scent though and I would definitely recommend checking it out!

2. Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate? Tea! In the fall, I love the Chai Lattes from Starbucks! I also love hot chocolate, but I tend to drink it more in the winter! I know, however, that Starbucks recently came out with a chocolate chai, which I really want to try!

3. What's the best fall memory you have? Hmmm, well I don't think that I have any favorite fall memory in particular. One of my earliest memories of fall though is making a huge leaf pile in my friend's backyard and jumping in it (the typical fall memory).

4. Which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? Winged liner! I think winged liner is a easy and simple way to make your eyes pop! Dark lips, however, are a little more one trend for the fall, but I can't pull it off.

5. What do you want to be for Halloween? I don't know yet, but I have Minnie Mouse ears, so I may be Minnie Mouse for Halloween, even though it's a pretty common costume.

6. Favorite Thanksgiving food? Stuffing! I absolutely love stuffing and for me, it beats turkey! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it..

7. Hats or Scarves? Scarves! I'm not much of a hat person, but I love scarves, infinity scarves in particular. I think that scarves are the perfect way to make an outfit look put together without trying that hard. Plus, they're perfect for the colder months!

8. Most worn sweater? My most worn sweater is my simple navy blue sweater with brown elbow pads. I love navy blue in the fall and I think that it's a very versatile color that can be worn with anything. The fact that it's super cozy is also a plus for the fall!

9. Favorite fall nail polish? Essie's "Bahama Mama" is a maroon, wine color that's perfect for the fall! I don't actually own this nail polish, but I'm thinking about picking it out because I eye it every time in the store. I love maroon colors and the fact that this one is creamy rather than shimmery is a plus for me, since I do generally like creamier nail polishes better. It's also a color that won't clash with any of your outfits!

10. Football games or jumping in leaf piles? This is a hard one because I liked going to football games, but I also love jumping in leaf piles and crunching on the leaves (even though I haven't done so since I was little). For me right now, even though I'm in college, I would have to say jumping in leaf piles, mainly because my university doesn't have a football team.

11. Skinny jeans or leggings? I'm not much of a leggings person and I didn't actually start wearing them until this year, so I will have to go with skinny jeans (even though leggings are growing on me).

12. Combat boots or Uggs? Combat boots! I think that combat boots are a fall essential and they go with anything! Uggs may be comfy, but I personally think that combat boots are more fashionable of the two.

13. What's your #1 favorite thing about fall? I absolutely love everything about fall, from the food to the fashion, but honestly, as cheesy as this is, my favorite thing about fall is the changing colors of the trees! Definitely the prettiest part!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Whats your #1 favorite thing about fall?
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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Get the Look: Cher Lloyd - I Wish - Makeup Look!

Of all the Cher Lloyd songs, "I Wish" is probably my favorite, mainly because it kind of describes my life. In the video, Cher Lloyd was rocking a basic smokey eye and deep red lipstick. This look would be the perfect look for a night out or can even be a dramatic look for homecoming or prom. Read on to see my take on her makeup!

Start off the makeup by applying your foundation to cover any discoloration. Cher Lloyd had defined cheekbones and was wearing bronzer, so apply a bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, temples, and jawline. Lightly apply a peachy-pink blush to the apples of your cheeks, because Cher had a little flush of color. Finish off the face makeup by applying a highlighter to the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

To start off this smokey eye look, apply a shimmery nude eyeshadow all over the lid. Next, apply a true dark brown eyeshadow in the shade of a sideways "v" shade in the crease and outer corner and then blend well. Use a soft brown eyeshadow to blend the edges for a softer and more natural look.

For Cher Lloyd's defined brows, use a brow powder to fill in your brows. Next, using an angled brush, apply the dark brown eyeshadow using an angled brush to line the outer third of the bottom lash line. For the upper lash line, apply medium thick line of black gel eyeliner across the whole lash line. For Cher Lloyd's bold eyelashes, apply a volumizing black mascara.

Finish the look off by applying a true red lipstick, such as Covergirl's "Hot" lipstick.

I hope you found this post helpful!
Did you like Cher's makeup in her video?
What kind of music have you been listening to recently?
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara: A Review!

The new Covergirl Clump Crusher mascara has been getting a lot of hype lately. I read multiple reviews and this item seems like it is slowly becoming a cult favorite, so I had to try out this product. It claims that you will "Get 200% more volume and zero clumps" which appealed to me because I'm not a fan of clumpy mascara. I loved the original Lash Blast Volume mascara in the orange tube so I decided to give this mascara try!

So does this mascara add volume and not clump like it claims?
When I first tried out this mascara, I have to say that I wasn't too crazy about it. It did clump a little bit on me, however, once I learned how to "use" this mascara, I started to like this mascara more and more! In terms of volume, I feel like this does a really fairly good job at both lengthening and volumizing lashes, but not quite as much as I expected. It's one of those mascaras that when you know how to use it, you will really like it.
In terms of clumping, this mascara did a good job with preventing clumping, however, if you want to add multiple coats or touch up throughout the day, you may find that this mascara does tend to clump a little. The wand on this brush is also not flexible which is good for building up the mascara on lashes and getting fuller lashes

How does it compare to the Lash Blast Volume mascara?
When comparing the two, I felt like the Clump Crush didn't create as much volume as the Lash Blast Volume mascara. Both mascaras though both have similar brushes with plastic bristles, however, the brush on the Clump Crusher is curved, which helps with putting mascara on the bottom lashes. The curved wand though didn't make a enormous difference for me. 

How is the formulation of this mascara?
In terms of the formulation of this mascara, it seemed to be a little more wet than the Lash Blast Volume mascara. This seemed to help with preventing clumping when applying the mascara, however, I thought that the mascara formula was a little too wet for my taste and seemed like it took a long time to dry. However, this did allow for build up without clumping.

How is the water resistance of this mascara and Does it smudge throughout the day?
The mascara that I bought was water resistant, but I was expecting this mascara to stay on my lashes longer than it did. This is water-resistant, not waterproof. It will smudge when it comes in contact with a lot of water, such as swimming. Even though it is water-resistant, I found that after 5 hours, the mascara would start flaking onto my under eye area. For someone who likes a good waterproof mascara, I was slightly disappointed with the water-resistance.

   - Does add volume and some length to eyelashes
   - Curved wands helps with getting all the lashes and bottom lashes
   - Doesn't clump with the first few coats

   - Flakes a little through out the day
   - It's a bit wet, however some people my like this
   - Will tend to clump with multiple coats of this mascara
   - Doesn't have a complete waterproof version.

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10

I hope you found this review helpful!
If you have tried this product, what are your thoughts?
Comment below and follow!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to: Style Rain Boots

Rain boots are often times not considered a "fashionable" item, however, they can be very useful during the fall and winter, especially in places where it rains nearly everyday in the week. Rain boots have been growing on me as a fashion item and I personally think that they can look cute and don't have to look like you've been working in the garden. The rain boots that I used in the three outfits I put together are the black glossy Hunter rain boots, but any pair of glossy rain boots would work! Here are three ways that I style rain boots!

Outfit #1: Casual and Comfy

For the first outfit, this is a very casual way to wear rain boots, such as going to class or on a day out. Pair some rain boots with some tall socks, so the socks peak over the rim of the boots a little. With the boots, pair with some black skinny jeans, soft colorful sweater, and a white chunky scarf. The white scarf compliments the white socks, tying the whole look together!

Outfit #2: Fun and Flirty

To make rain boots more look more girly, pair with a patterned or colorful dress and a comfy oversized cardigan. Since the weather is cooler, wear a pair of tights with the outfit. Finish the look with a simple crossbody bag to add some more color and detail.

Outfit #3: Edgy and Classy

This last outfit is more on the edgy side yet still girly and classy. Pair a pair of black rain boots with a leather vest for a more edgy detail. To soften the look, pair this outfit with a long sleeved striped black and white tee, simple black leggings, and white tall socks (to peak above the top of the boots). This outfit would be perfect for a day out with friends or for a casual date 

I hope you found this post helpful!
Would you incorporate rain boots into your wardrobe?
How do you wear rain boots?
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Get the Look: Chloe Grace's Seventeen Magazine Cover Makeup Look!

I absolutely loved Chloe Grace's look on this month's (October) Seventeen magazine cover! It's a neutral, fresh orange/coral look that's perfect for the fall and for school! This look is centered around the eyes and lips, with a cat-eye liner and a fresh coral/orange lip color. I think this is a look that suits any skin tone and looks like you put a lot of time into it, even though it's a fairly simple look! Read on to see my take on her makeup look!

To get Chloe Grace's glowy, natural look, start off with a BB cream to smooth out the skin. For her lightly bronzed glow, apply a light bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks and temples. She also has a natural cheek look, and to get this look, apply a natural coral pink blush color on the apples of your cheeks. Finish off the face look by applying a highlighter to the top of your cheek bones and down the bridge of your nose to achieve her glowy look!

Start off the eye look by lightly filling in your eyebrows with some eyebrow powder. Next, apply a highlighting pencil to your brow bone and inner corner to brighten the eye area. She doesn't have a heavy eye look, so for eyeshadow, apply a neutral eyeshadow color all of the lid.

The center of Chloe Grace's eye look is her eyeliner. Apply a medium-thick line on the upper lash line with a black gel eyeliner, winging the eyeliner at the end. Finish the eye look with a volumizing black mascara.

Chloe Grace wore a gorgeous natural coral lip color! Apply a coral pink color glossy lipstick or balm to finish off the whole look!

I hope you found this helpful!
Please comment down on whether or not you liked Chloe Grace's look!

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Favorite Youtubers: Vloggers

For the past few years, Youtube vloggers have been entertaining viewers with quality videos and hilarious content! The popularity of these Youtube vloggers (people who makes a video about anything from a certain topic to just their daily lives) has especially grown in just the past year. There are so many great Youtubers out there, but here are some of my favorites that I would recommend watching!

1. JacksGap 
Jack and Finn are probably the most well known British Boys on YouTube. These two (attractive) Youtubers always have awesome videos and do hilarious pranks! If you don't know who they are, watch some of their videos and I'll promise that you'll find yourselves not only loving their videos but loving the boys themselves. 

I have been enjoying his videos for a few years now and he was one of the first vloggers I started watching. And let me tell you, he is absolutely hilarious! He does everything from challenges and Q&A videos to daily vlogs of life, which may sound boring to some, but every one is very entertaining!

He's another British Youtuber who is not only funny, but also really down to earth! He's hilarious without trying too hard and just seems like such a nice guy. I would totally recommend watching him if you haven't already!

He makes YouTube videos that are entertaining and can make you laugh any day. Some of his videos that I would recommend is his "25 Different Animal Impersonations" and "Would You Rather" videos. He never makes a video that disappoints! 

Jim's videos are all so entertaining with all his video topics being not only hilarious, but also very relatable and has a very likable personality! Some of my favorite videos that he made are Awkward ConversationsPubertyA Guy's Advice for Girls: Makeup!

This Youtuber makes daily videos on random subjects that are often recommended by her viewers. I've been watching her videos for a while, and though her videos are daily, they never get repetitive! Her personality makes her entertaining to watch and she's seriously hilarious!

If you're looking for someone who does hilarious pranks, you should definitely watch this Youtuber! He does really creative pranks on the public and are all really well done! Not only does he do funny pranks, but he also will make some more heart-felt videos. Definitely check him out!

Luke, who is also a singer and musician on Youtube, making entertaining videos and vlogs behind the scenes for his music videos. Some of my favorite videos by him is his Would You Rather Questions video and his Awkward Girl Stories videos.

9. Our2ndLife
This channel is a collab channel between the Youtubers Connor Franta (mentioned before), Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff, JC Caylen, Trevor Moran, and Kian Lawley. Each of them upload on a different day of the week and all these Youtubers make funny, super good quality videos. Definitely check out their channel!

10. Tyler Oakley
This Youtuber is probably one of the most hilarious people on the internet! With his likable and bubbly personality and his absolute love for One Direction, he can put a smile on anyone's face! I would definitely recommend to check out his channel if you ever need a good laugh and smile!

11. Sxephil
If you don't have time to keep up with the news or you just find it boring, Sxephil makes daily videos of the news that are interesting and entertaining. I love how he's able to crunch several news topics into under 10 minutes while still being informative. I also love how he's unbiased while giving his opinions and also gets his viewers involved in the topic! 

Some more of my favorites! 

I hope you found this helpful!
How many times do you think I said "hilarious" in this post? (I'm sorry if it started to get repetitive).
Who are your favorite Youtubers?
Please comment down below!

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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Get the Look: Katy Perry - Roar - Music Video Makeup Look!

One of my favorite end-of-the-summer jams was Katy Perry's new single "Roar" (check out the music video here). Not only do I love the song, but I also loved Katy Perry's makeup look. Usually, she tends to wear a heavy, colorful makeup look, which is fun, but it was nice to see her dial down and wear a more natural makeup look. Read on to see my take on her makeup look!

Even though this look is very natural, Katy Perry has flawless and glowly skin in the video, so apply an illuminating or radiating foundation to achieve this look (you can also mix a little bit of your highlighter with your foundation). It didn't look like she was wearing any bronzer, however, she did have a light layer coral blush color on the apples of her cheeks to add more color and to slightly contour. Finish off her glow with a champagne liquid highlighter!

To frame your face without looking like you're wearing a lot of makeup, lightly fill in your eyebrows with eyebrow powder. To add on to Katy Perry's glowly look, apply a nude champagne cream eyeshadow all over the lid, like the one she had in the video. Next, to add a little bit more of a definition, apply a light brown eyeshadow color in the crease and blend well so it's very natural looking. It doesn't look like she is wearing any eyeliner, so finish the look off with some black mascara!


Katy Perry seems to be wearing either a shiny light lip stick or a lipgloss, so go for a light rose pink shimmery lipgloss to finish off the whole look!

I hope you found this helpful!
Did you like her makeup look? What songs have you been listening to?
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