Friday, August 22, 2014

Getting into Running and Gym Experience

The saying goes that the hardest part about going to the gym is going to the gym. Last summer I tried out a summer membership at a gym with my sister. Although there is a ton of equipment to keep you busy, I couldn't help but feel like I was being judged by the other people in the gym. I'm not the most athletic person by any means and don't have any muscle mass, so as cliche as it sounds, going to gym is not the most comfortable way to get fit for me. I then tried going to gym while at college, and found it less intimidating since many of the people there were my age and weren't creepily bulked up. Since summer started and I've come back home, I had to find ways to get my exercise, because I wasn't going to go back to my local gym.

Before summer, I made a goal for myself to start running on the street I live on. I make this goal every summer, but never got around to it since I usually ended up sleeping in and not waking up early enough. This summer, however, I have actually been getting up early and started running around three times a week, which in my eyes, is better than none. I found that I enjoy running much more than being at gym, since I'm alone and don't need to be worried about being judged. I also live on a very quiet road that has a pretty view of the metropolitan area, making it a relaxing run. The road, however, does have a slope, making it a pain to run back up the hill.

One of my favorite things about working out is workout clothing. It's comfortable and breathable, and I honestly wear them more than I work out. One of my go-to outfits is my American Eagle sports bra (similar here), one of the many school t-shirts I own, and the Nike Legend Capris (similar here). As for shoes, I wear the Adidas Bounce shoes (similar here), although I need to get a new pair since those shoes are several years old. Lastly, it is always important to stay hydrated, which is made easier with a waterbottle, and have a good workout playlist to keep you moving.

What are your thoughts about the gym?

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pineapple Print | Summer 2014

Summer is not quite over and nothing screams summer like tropical fruit and warm beaches and even though (most of us) don't live on a tropical island, you can still express paradise through your clothing! Pineapple prints have been growing in popularity this summer, with the trend seen in not only the fashion industry, but also has been incorporated into home decor. Pineapple prints are not too bold, making them a fresh and fun way to add something some personality in your outfit during the warmer months. Although I don't own any pineapple printed clothing pieces or pineapple shaped jewelry, I would be open to trying the trend if I find a piece that is subtle and classic.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Get the Look: Eleanor Calder Inspired Makeup Look!

Eleanor Calder's makeup look is perfect for both an everyday summer look as well as great for school or work! She is often seen in very light makeup that's soft, pretty, and fresh! The key to her look is keeping everything light and natural looking. It never looks like she wears a lot of makeup and seems to often be wearing light blush and a light eyelook with the focus on her eyelashes. Read on to see my take on her look!


  • Medium Coverage Foundation: Eleanor Calder is never seen in super heavy, matte foundation, so go for a little lighter of a foundation that evens out your skin tone for a natural look. If you have oily skin, set the foundation with a powder where you usually get oily. 
  • Illuminating Concealer: Conceal your under eye area with a brightening concealer. Also apply to the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose to brighten your face.
  • Bronzer: To get her defined cheekbones, apply a bronzer lightly to the hollows of your cheeks as well as on your temples and down the jawline. She doesn't look like she wears heavy bronzer, so be sure to lightly.
  • Light Pink Blush: Finish off the face look with a little bit of light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks because Eleanor Calder often has a little color in her cheeks.


  • Nude Champagne Eyeshadow: Eleanor Calder doesn't wear heavy eye makeup on an everyday basis, so just go for a light champagne nude eyeshadow all over the lid and inner corner.
  • Black Gel Eyeliner: Apply a very thin line of black gel eyeliner on your upper lashes to make your lashes look more full.
  • Black Lengthening Mascara: Apply a lengthening and volumising mascara to the upper lashes to finish off the eye look!

Eleanor Calder is seen wearing a nude lip color on an everyday basis. Apply a nude light pink lip cream to finish off the lip, such as NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in "Tokyo". If your lips are more pigmented, fill in your lips with a nude-pink lip liner before applying the lip cream to make the color come off more nude.

I hope you found this post helpful!

Who do you look up to for beauty inspiration?
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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Teen Choice Awards 2014 Inspired Outfits: Shay Mitchell, Taylor Swift, and Kylie Jenner

I am not one to watch award shows all the way through, but one of the sections that I will watch and keep up on is when the stars walk down the carpet. I'm not really into the actual award show, but I find that the fashion choices for the Teen Choice Awards include pieces that the everyday person could wear in real life and can be recreated. The three celebrities featured in this post all wore outfits featuring the crop top and skirt trend. Inspiration from these outfits would be great for a summer date or night out!

Shay Mitchell wore an white-chic summer ensemble that is the perfect blend of sophistication and sexy. Shay Mitchell's outfit featured a lace crop top and a lace midi pencil skirt. She kept the accessories and shoes simple with a pair of metallic pointed-toe pumps and a metallic clutch. Shay went a little more daring with her hair and makeup, wearing a messy side braid and a bold burgundy lip color.

Taylor Swift wore a sophisticated yet youthful outfit on the Teen Choice Awards carpet with a matching crop top and skirt. To recreate this outfit, wear a green bralette or crop top with a green skater skirt similar in color. Next, for an extra pop of color and contrast wear a pair of yellow heeled sandals. As for accessories, wear a pair of detailed gold hoop earrings to finish off the outfit.

Kylie Jenner has followed her sisters' fashion foots by quickly becoming a fashion icon, especially among teenage girls. Kylie Jenner wore a black crop top with a patterned yellow and black midi pencil skirt. To compliment the black in the outfit, wear a pair of black strappy black heels and black bangles. to compliment the yellow in the outfit, wear a pair of gold bangles and gold rings.

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in "Juicy Papaya": Review +Swatches

I know I am very behind on the Revlon Lip Butter wagon, but I decided to give it a try after searching for the perfect coral-pink color. I wanted to find a product that is perfect for summer but could be sheered out to wear during the school year. I decided to buy the Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in"Juicy Papaya", one of the newer shades in the collection that came out last year, and I was very pleased with the product!

The shade "Juicy Papaya" is a light-medium coral pink color that goes on a little sheer, but pigmented enough be built up to get a shade similar to the color in the tube. This shade has no shimmer and as Allison Anderson described it, it is the perfect "girl next door" shade. The shade is more on the natural side, but slightly bright enough to instantly awaken your makeup look. It's also a shade that can be applied without a mirror, since it's not a full-on lipstick.

Product and Packaging
The product itself is moisturising for a lip color with that amount of pigmentation. Since the product is moisturising, it makes the product apply more smoothly. The packaging is sturdy and solid without being bulky. The packaging is also adorable with a cap/lid that matches the shade of the product. The top of the lid is also clear, making it easy to see the color of the lip butter without opening up the product.

The downside to this product is that if you don't exfoliate your lips, it may settle in the lines and cracks of your lips. However, this is a minor problem and can easily be fixed with a quick lip scrub. The product also only lasts 1-2 hours on me and the pigmentation may also bother some, but it should be kept in mind that this is labeled as a balm and not a full-on lipstick.

   - Flattering shade
   - No shimmer
   - Pigmentation
   - Moisturizing
   - Packaging

   - Can settle in cracks in lips
   - Lack of Pigmentation for some
   - Lasts only 1-2 hours

Price: $6.49 at Target

Would I repurchase the product? Yes!

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10

I hope you found this helpful!
Have you tried this product? What are your thoughts?
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Friday, August 8, 2014

Kimonos: In or Out?

Cat Deeley, Shenae Grimes, Lauren Conrad
One of the newest trends this summer is the light and flowy kimono. Inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono, the "kimono" trend incorporates bright colors that are perfect for the summer. Traditionally, Japanese kimonos are an ankle length garment that are wrapped around the person's body. The fashion industry, however, has taken a spin from the traditional garment, having their kimonos look similar to a cardigan with almost little resemblance to the traditional kimono.

Items shown clockwise from top-left: Nordstrom BP, Forever 21, Nordstrom BP, Forever 21, Francesca's, Lulu's
Many celebrities have been seen wearing kimonos, particularly in their street fashion. Kimonos (the fashion industry's version) is similar to a cardigan in that is is open in the front. Like cardigans, these kimonos are also often hip length, however there are some that you can find that are longer. Kimonos also often involve many colorful prints and is a lighter piece of clothing that is great for the warmer months. Kimonos can be worn the same way as you would wear a cardigan, such as with a crop top with shorts or skirts. Above are some of the many options that are available in stores!

Outfit Inspired by Cat Deeley

Outfit inspired by Cat Deeley: Tee, Shorts, Kimono, Sandals, Handbag, Necklace

I'm not entirely sure if I will join the kimono bandwagon. I don't know if this trend will last very long, especially since it doesn't seem like a practical piece to wear in the cooler months. The fashion industry's take on the kimono, however, does seem like a great layering piece for the summer, and if I find one that fits, I wouldn't mind trying the trend!

What do you think about the kimono trend? In or Out?
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Short(er) and Change

Getting a haircut can be one of the most liberating and freeing feelings in the beauty world. Getting a simple haircut can make you see yourself in a different light and realize that maybe change wasn't a bad idea. As someone who isn't really fond of the idea of change, one of the things I often dread is going to the salon. I dread the uncertainty of whether the stylist will cut my hair to my liking or just create one big mess that is already my hair.

Last week, I decided to ask the stylist to chop off 3-4 inches of my hair, which may just seem minuscule for some, but is quite the length for me (see my pre-cut hair here). I also had many layers put in, since something in me that weekend oddly enough wanted something different for my hair. The most liberating change, however, was having my hair thinned to the point where maybe more than a third of my hair ended up on the floor. I know that this isn't the best thing for my hair, but it was needed for the amount of hair that was on my head. When I saw all the hair on the floor, I got a little nervous, but when looking in the mirror, I ended up being very happy with the results!

Change can be good, whether it's as small as a hair cut or something larger and more life-changing. I think that many of us (including myself) get comfortable with where we are and who we are, afraid that one small change will mess up our perception of life around us. Change, however, can have an impact that is liberating and eye-opening. One small change can have a snowball effect towards you being encouraged to take more leaps of faith in the future.

I can't believe I just connected a haircut with something more deep, but that just happened.

I hope you enjoyed this all-over-the-place post!
What's the last change you made?
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Monday, August 4, 2014

Get the Style: Candice Swanepoel Summer Street Style

Candice Swanepoel may be a supermodel who models for some of the most luxurious brands, but her street style is much more casual and great for everyday! Candice can often be seen in a pair of out high waisted shorts this summer and a pair of round sunglasses. As for shoes, Candice is often seen wearing a variety of shoes that are all known the less comfortable, such as a pair of sandals and a pair of converse. Read on to see how to 5create some of Candice Swanepoel's outfits!

Outfit #1
Items shown above: TopShortsBagBootiesBraceletBelt
This outfit is great for a day out around town and is the perfect combination of casual and chic. To recreate her outfit, start with simple pieces such as white tee and light wash denim high waisted shorts. For a little bit of a pop of color in the outfit, wear a dark green crossbody bag. Next, one of my favorite parts about this outfit is the tan heeled booties, which with the high waisted shorts, creates the illusion of longer looking legs, which is perfect when recreating a Candice Swanepoel look. Lastly, for accessories, wear a silver bangle and a skinny dark brown belt.

Outfit #2
Items shown above: Dress (left)SandalsNecklace,  SunglassesRingDress (right)Handbag
This is an outfit for anyone who wants to dress a little girlier or flirtier with a little bit of edge. Start off the outfit with a black and pink floral dress. Next, to add some edge to the outfit, wear a statement silver necklace. To compliment the statement necklace, wear a pair of silver sandals and a statement ring. Finish off this outfit with some summer musts, such as a pair of round sunglasses and neutral small crossbody bag.

Outfit #3
Items shown above: Crop Top, Shorts, Tee, Converse, Hat, Necklace, Sunglasses
This outfit includes pieces that many people may already have in their wardrobe and is perfect for a casual day out. To recreate this outfit, start off with a striped crop top and a pair of light wash high waisted shorts. Next, it looked like Candice was wearing a light beige sweater around her waist, so if you want to include all element of her outfit into our own, tie a sweater around your waist (you may also never know when it can come in handy!). For shoes, Candice kept it comfortable with a pair of black converse. As for accessories, finish off the outfit with a gold pendant necklace and a black wool hat and round sunglasses to protect your face from the sun.

Outfit #4
Items shown above: Top, Sandals, Sunglasses, Bracelets, Skirt, Earrings, Wallet
This last outfit is a little more dressy than the previous outfit, but is still simple enough to wear during the day if you are planning on wearing a nicer outfit. Start off the outfit with a simple white tee and a peach or tan skater skirt. Next, for shoes, wear a pair of silver sandals and to carry your cards and change, wear a gray clutch. Finish the outfit off with some accessories, such as retro half-frame sunglasses, gold bangles, and small gold hoop earrings!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What's your favorite summer outfit?
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Friday, August 1, 2014

Aquamarine | Summer Fashion 2014

Aquamarine is a fresh and trendy twist to the usual turquoise color that is usually seen during the summer. Aquamarine is a brighter version of turquoise that looks great on every skin tone, especially against a tan. The color aquamarine look fantastic as a pop of color against simple, white clothing pieces, such as white shorts of a white sweater. Aquamarine is a perfect way to add color into your wardrobe while being fun and a little sophisticated.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Will you be wearing aquamarine this summer?
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