Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Get the Style: Miranda Kerr Summer Street Style

Miranda Kerr has one of my favorite street styles! She has a very casual, chic, and trendy style that anyone can pull off! In the summer, she can always be seen with a pair of trendy sunglasses and large handbag. Most of her street style outfits are easy to recreate and many of the items that she wears are from affordable websites such as TopShop. Read on to see how I recreated her summer street style outfits!

Outfit #1
This first outfit is the perfect beach outfit. Any light coral maxi dress or shirtdress would be perfect for this look. She was also wearing a straw sun hat with a blue band as well as pentagon shaped sunglasses and gold sandals. Finish the look with a gold bracelet and navy bag and you have a completed Miranda Kerr inspired outfit!

Outfit #2
This is a more casual inspired outfit that Miranda Kerr wore. I really liked how she paired a blue top with blue shorts without making the outfit look clashed. Create this look by pairing a chambray shirt with patterned light blue shorts to add more to a simple outfit. Add some silver flats, sunglasses and a gunmetal bag to finish off the look.

Outfit #3
This dress is actually the exact dress that Miranda was wearing in her photo, and, it's from Topshop(!) so it's fairly affordable. I love how she paired the dress with some short grey cowboy boots. Such a cute and comfortable look for the summer and it can transfer into the cooler fall days! Add a gold bangle, cat-eye sunglasses, and a black satchel to finish off the look!

I hope this helped!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kickoff to Summer: A Tag!

I saw this tag circling around YouTube and I realized that I hadn't done a summer tag video yet so I decided that it would be fun to do this one! I know that summer has started and this may be a little late, but I decided to take this to my advantage since now I do know what my favorite products are this summer. This tag is similar to the "I Heart Summer" tag but I decided to do this one for no particular reason. Read on to see my answer to the tag questions!

1. Favorite summer nail polish
My favorite summer nail polish is probably either a light blue or a turquoise/mint color. A light blue color that I like is "Mint Candy Apple" by Essie and a turquoise color I would recommend is "Turquoise and Caicos" also by Essie. I think that these colors are perfect for summer and look good against a tan.

2. Beauty/hair product you can't live without this summer
A beauty/hair product that I can't live without during the summer is probably my waterproof mascara, particularly Maybelline's Mega Plush mascara (I did a review on this product). Mascara tends to smudge easily on me, especially in the summer time when it's warmer and can be a little humid. This mascara won't smudge when your in the water plus it's perfect for a natural look.

3. Trends your looking forward to this summer
Even though it's already summer, one trend that I've been loving is the skater skirt/a-line trend. This trend looks flattering one anyone and so many stores are carrying items that follow this trend. This trend is one that I hope will be carried into the fall.

4. Favorite bathing suit
My favorite bathing suit is probably my mint colored bandeau swimsuit that's actually from Target. Bandeaus are huge this summer and I think it covers more than a triangle bikini, which I like. I also like the mint color, because it it looks really good against a tan. Plus, Target has a huge selection of affordable swimsuits.

5. Favorite summer song
I could honestly make a whole list and blog post about my favorite summer jams, since I listen to a lot of music over the summer, but if I had to pick one, it would probably be "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons,  even though it is a bit overplayed, but I also like "L.A. Story" by Sammy Adams"Blurred Lines" by Robin Thicke"Wake Me Up" by Avicii, and "Sweater Weather" by The Neighbourhood.

6. Must have lip color
My must have lip colors would either be a shimmery peachy-pink color because it's really natural looking, but I also like Neutragena's lip gloss in "Gleam." This color is clear, but it has SPF and feels cooling when it's put on, which is perfect for the summer.

7. Summer perfume
My favorite summer scent would probably either be Bath and Body Works scents "Sweet Pea" (which is my all time favorite scent) as well as "Forever Sunshine" which is a more floral, musky scent. Both scents as light and good for the summer months.

8. One place you want to go this summer
Summer's already started, but, like most people, I would probably would just want to go somewhere where it's really warm with warm beaches. Beaches and the warm sand is the definition of summer for me!

9. Are you a jean shorts or dress girl
I am defiantly a jean shorts girl. I will rarely where dresses in the summer time and I just prefer jean shorts. Jean shorts are also more comfortable for me and can be dressed up or down.

10. Favorite summer shoe
My favorite summer shoe are much sandals with white straps. White looks good against a tan in my opinion and are very versatile because they can be worn with anything. Sandals are perfect in the summer and they come in so many colors and styles. What can be more summery than sandals?

11. Ideal summer date
This question would be perfect if I had someone to share this ideal summer date with, but I don't, so I'll just imagine my perfect summer date. My ideal summer date would probably be like a summer fling and somewhere near a lake or body of water. I would like to do something small, like canoeing or swimming, then maybe also dinner or something to eat.

12. Favorite sunglasses
My favorite sunglasses is probably my black Ray Ban wayfarer sunglasses. This style looks good with anything and are really well made.

13. Favorite thing about summer
My favorite thing about summer is pretty much everything. I know this is not an ideal answer, but I like everything from the fresh summer food fruit to the down time that you don't have during the school year, to the warm weather to the summer clothing. As you may be able to tell, summer is one of my favorite seasons!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Natural Bronze: A Summer Makeup Tutorial!

During the summer, I usually like to wear one of two looks, a super natural look or a bronze look. Today's post is going to be a bronze look that is perfect for summer, because its more on the natural side which is good for the warm summer days! This look is also good whether you are just going to hang out outside with your friends or just going out for the night. Bronze colors are so pretty in the summer, especially when the sun hits your face. The color bronze also looks good with any skin tone and any eye color, so this is a very versatile look. Read on to see how to achieve a natural bronze look!

First apply a tinted moisturizer with SPF to protect your skin from the sun. Next, take a bronzer with a tiny bit of shimmer and apply it lightly to your temples, top of your forehead, the hollows of your cheeks, chin, and nose. These are the points of your face where the sun will naturally hit. 
Next, take the bronzer and mix it with a peach blush and apply it to the apples of your cheeks to add some color. Apply a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones to add more brightness to your face.

Apply a light champange/gold color in the inner corner and center of the lid. Next, take a golden champange color and apply it to the outer corner and blend it into the center of the eye. Take the bronzer from before and apply the color with a fluffy brush into the crease and blend well.
Taking a golden shadow pencil or eyeliner, line your bottom lash line, from the outer end and fading it towards the inner corner.

 Next, apply a dark brown eyeliner to the upper lash line and finish off with black mascara.

For lips, apply any light color that suits you. Darker colors can clash with the bronze look so go for a more lighter pink/peach color to finish off the look. 

I hope this helped!
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Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to Style: Crop Tops and Bralettes/Bustiers

Yes, the bare-midriff look is back. Crop tops and bralettes can be found in nearly every store and is such a huge trend this summer. They come in nearly every color and pattern . Crop tops and especially bralettes didn't really have a very good reputation before it started to become a trend this summer, however, there are ways of wearing crop tops and tanks without showing too much skin. My little own rule when styling crop tops is to not show more than a palms length of skin. This can be done by styling them with high-waisted shorts and skirts.
Read on to see some ways to style crop tops!

Outfit #1: Fitted Crop top + A-Line Skirt
Pair a simple fitted crop top with a high-waisted skirt. The high-waisted skirt will allow you to show a little less (or more) skin. Add a crossbody bag and cute flats to finish off the look. This effortless look is perfect for a day out with the friends or a casual date.

Outfit #2: Crop top + High waisted shorts
This is a very classic and often times typical look when styling crop tops. To stand out from the rest, wear a statement necklace and detailed sandals with high waisted shorts and a crop top or tank. This look can be worn anywhere and doesn't look like you tried too hard.

Outfit #3: Bralette + High-low Skirt
Bralette/Bustiers can sometimes be pretty tricky to style. Since Bralette/Bustiers do show a little more skin, pairing it with a high-low skirt is the perfect way to makeup the outfit more balanced. Add a pair of wedges and crossbody to finish the look. This look is good for a date night or any night out with friends.

I hope this helpful!
How do you feel about the crop top trend? How do you wear crop tops?
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fourth of July Makeup Tutorial!

The Fourth of July is just right around the corner and a fun and creative way to show your red, white, and blue spirit can be through your makeup. I always think it's kind of fun to get ready for the Fourth of July and to see how I can incorporate the three colors into my outfit, however, I never usually go for a makeup up tutorial that involves those colors. Having the combination of red, white, and blue is an intimating combination on the face. This makeup tutorial involves all three colors, but isn't as wild as the combination may sound. This tutorial includes a neutral and blue eye look with red lips and flushed cheeks.


First, apply a shimmery white eyeshadow in the inner corner and tear-duct area. Next, apply a neutral, light champagne color all over the lid and blend with the white eyeshadow. Blend a soft brown color in the crease to create a little more dimension. For the blue in this look, apply a dark blue liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line, and create a wing if desired. For a more fun and intense blue look, take a glitter blue liquid eyeliner and go over the dark blue liner.
Apply a white eyeliner on the waterline. Apply your favorite mascara to finish up the eye look.
(Product links: white eyeshadow, neutral eyeshadow, brown eyeshadow, dark blue liner, blue glitter liner, white eyeliner)


Apply your favorite tinted moisturizer or BB cream, because foundation can melt off your face if it's warm outside. However, for a night-time look, a foundation would be good for full-coverage. 
Apply a red-toned blush on the apples of your cheeks very lightly for a light flush. Apply a light highlighter on the cheekbones to brighten up the face.
(Product links: Maybelline BB cream, Lorac Pro BlushBenefit High Beam)


For the red in this red, white, and blue look, apply a red lipstick. A super bright red lipstick may be too bright against the blue eye makeup, so go for a classic red lipstick to finish off the look!
(Product: Covergirl Lipstick in "Red")

I hope this helped!

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