Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall/Winter Fashion: Sweater + Skirt = Perfect Fall Outfit!

So the reason why this is fall/winter is because this outfit can, well, be worn in both the fall and winter. So something I have seen a lot on websites and just around is the skirt+cute sweater combination.
Outfit 1:
-Cropped sweater
-Mixing Patterns
-Love the less-loose sweater with flowy skirt

Cropped Sweater,, $38

Floral Skirt,, $59

Ourfit 2:
- "Sharkbite" sweater
- Pencil skirt
- Socks/legwarmers with boots
-The more baggy sweater with pencil skirt is the perfect combo.

Frenchi® Slouchy Scoop Asymmetric Hem Sweater ,, $44

Textured Knit Skirt,, $10
Note, that if you wanted to wear this pencil skirt and sweater with boats, I would skip on the socks/legwarmers, since there's already so much going on with the textured skirt and asymmetric sweater. Rather than this skirt, go with just a plain pencil skirt.

Leg Warmers (especially cream cable knit ones) look so cute with a pair or dark brown boots, but as I said before, make sure you don't go too heavy on the patterns in the overall look.

 AE Wedge Boat,, $80
A nice pair of dark brown/chesnut colored boats are always classy.

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Friday, November 25, 2011

My Nail Polish Obsession: A Tag

There was a post earier this month on with a nail tag and has also been going around youtube. Let's be serious here, who would want to do this?
Here are the questions:
  1. What’s your favorite nail polish company?
  2. Glitter or no glitter?
  3. OPI or china glaze or Essie?
  4. When do you start to take off your nail polish?
  5. What’s your favorite color on your nails?
  6. Darks or brights? 
  7. What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?
  8. Matte nails—in or out?
  9. French manicures?
  10. Favorite fall color?
These are my answers:
  1. Either OPI or Essie
  2. No glitter, but glitter on the ring finger sometimes
  3. Ok, so this is a hard one. I prefer the OPI formula, but I like the Essie colors more. So it's a tie!
  4. Either after it starts chipping or 3-4 days
  5. Any purples
  6. Darks, but I prefer paler colors
  7. OPI's "Steady As She Rose"
  8. Out. I was never a fan 
  9. Sure, but I would only personally wear it on special occasions
  10. Taupe-y pinks and purples and darker colors
I hope you enjoyed this!
What are your answers to this tag?
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Simple Way to Brighten Eyes: Fall Edition (feat. Covergirl)

This is not really a tutorial, but is just something I found out recently. The reason why I said fall edition is because in the spring and summer, people usually use bright colors on the bottom water line to brighten the eyes. But since it's fall, bright colors on the water line can be a little too much sometimes.
Eyeliner isn't the only thing you can do to the bottom lash line. I find eyeshadows to be a great alternative. The eyeshadow I have been using recently is the Covergirl Eye Enhancers in the shade "Swiss Chocolate". Since the name was torn off from the packaging, I'm not a 100% sure what the name is, but there's a picture shown for the color.
This eyeshadow is a chocolate brown with gold shimmer and glitter. The gold makes the eyeshadow look almost bronzy or a little coppery.

Covergirl Eye Enhancers "Swiss Chocolate"
Swatch of "Swiss Chocolate"
I apply this eyeshadow by just using a pencil brush (make sure you pick up more than you usually would, but not too much) and sweeping it on the bottom outer third of my waterline/lash line. This gives a similar effect as black or brown eyeliner has on your waterline, except not as harsh and looks more natural. It also brightens your eyes because of the gold shimmer, and makes any eye color pop, especially brown eyes.

I usually wear this three ways:
1. Applying a champagne color like "All that glitters" all over the lid, then just the "Swiss Chocolate" eyeshadow on my bottom lash line.
2. As a substitute for the Gold shadow from the Maybelline Quad "Chai Latte", from my Thanksgiving tutorial.
3. When I'm lazy and don't want to work on my make up, just sweeping this on my bottom lash line instantly brightens the eye.

I hope this was helpful and please follow and comment!!
And Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Dinner: A makeup tutorial?

So as most of you know, Thanksgiving is coming up. That mean turkey, stuffing, cranberries and pumpkin pie. So I decided to create a look inspired by the things we eat during thanksgiving.

Eyes: The eyes remind me of pumpkin pie and whipped cream. The best part of Thanksgiving day!
Note: be sure not to add much outer corner and crease color, or else it will be too dramatic.

First add a light golden creamy eyeshadow color, such as Mac's paint pot in "rubenesque".
This will go all over the lid. It's actually more champagne then shown.
Mac's paint pot in "rubenesque"

Next, in the inner fourth, add Mac's "Naked Lunch". Blend this in so it covers the inner third of the lid. Make sure it blends together with the rubenesque color.
A good dupe for this color is NYX "sahara"
MAC "Naked Lunch"

In the inner corner add Sephora's "Aspin Submit" eyeshadow. It's just a shimmery white color. Bring this down to the inner fourth of the bottom lash line.

In the outer fourth add Mac's "Coppering" eyeshadow. Blend this in, so there's no harsh line between it and the the lid color.
A good dupe for this would be Maybelline's eyeshadow in Copper Haze.

For the crease, take a orange brown color, such as Mac's saddle or brown script, and add it to your outer crease. Blend well.
Mac's Saddle

Next, on your bottom lash line, take a golden glittery color, such as Maybelline's crease color from the "Chai latte" quad. Apply this to the outer third of your bottom lash line using a pencil or thin angle brush.
Maybelline crease color from the "Chai latte" quad

As for mascara, apply your favorite voluming mascara. Mine is Covergirl's LashBlast in "very black"

Face: As for cheeks, keep it natural, since your eyes are slightly dramatic and there will be color on your lips, you want to keep the cheeks neutral. Add a peachy color blush to the apples of your cheeks, such as Mac's "Gingerly".
MAC "Gingerly" Blush

Lips: For lips add a raspberry color, inspired by, cranberry sauce. I didn't choose a cranberry color, because it tends to be a little too dark. Plus cranberry sauce isn't as dark as fresh cranberries.
Make sure not to make the lips too dark or too bright, because this can be a little too much. A color such as Mac's "bombshell" lip stick would work, since it's not too dark or bright.
Mac's Bombshell

I hope you enjoyed this post!
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Photo credits:
Naked Lunch:

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall Fashion: Lauren Conrad Inspired Outfit #1

I love this outfit that Lauren Conrad put together from her Kohls line!

Here's my take on the outfit. If it's chillier outside, you can pair this with cream or brown tights and/or a pair of boots.

This top is similar to the one shown. It is flowy, and it is super feminine at pretty. It looks so pretty with any skirt or dark wash jeans. I think the buttons are a classy extra touch.
Chloe K Lace Jacket (Juniors), $38

Any plain tank is probably a necessity when wearing the lace shirt. Lauren Conrad matched her white lace top with a white tank, which is what I would personally do, but if you like more color, add a colored tank underneath instead.
Target Juniors tank $8

This is actually the exact skirt shown in the photo. This skirt is so girly yet classy and elegant. This skirt wasn't only perfect for summer, but for those warmer fall days. It looks so pretty with  the lace shirt!
Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad Pleated Chiffon Skirt on sale now: $30

In the photo, she was wearing a pair of cheetah print flats. I think that it adds a nice touch to the outfit.
Target Ballet Flats - Cheetah $13

For those like myself who prefer a solid classic shoe rather than something more bold. This would look really pretty with the white lace tee and the skirt. Plus the pointed toe is super in for fall and gives the outfit a more classy look. $70 (now on sale though, I think)

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fashion: Mixing Neutrals OOTD

So for this post, I'll be incorporating different neutrals together into one fall outfit. This is also an outfit that I have been wearing and will be wearing a lot.
So here are the items:

This sweater is from nordstrom, and I got it in the color shown, oatmeal, and I love it!
Rubbish® Long Sleeve Crewneck Sweater,, $34

Haha, I know, I mentioned this is one of my previous posts, but this scarf is so soft and with the oatmeal sweater, it just looks so classy.
Rubbish® Textured Check Infinity Scarf,, $18

I just paired this with a pair of dark washed flare jeans (these exact pair). Let me tell you, american Eagle jeans are the most comforatable and fitting pair of jeans without the high price tag.
AE Artist Jean,, $40

As for shoes, I would pair this ourfit with a pair of dark brown riding boats or a pair of flats, a any neutral color like nude, black, or brown.
This pair of shoes is a good pair of shoes for this outfit.
Steve Madden 'Koool' Flat,, $70

This color is a perfect neutral purple pink. Adds a nice wash of color to the outfit
Opi "Steady as She Rose", $8.50 (all credit for picture from

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall Fashion: Scarves, scarves, scarves!

So this will not only be a fall fashion favorite, but also a winter favorite :P
Anyways, I think this is one of the more obvious fall necessity. Though, rather than chunky knit scarves, I have been going towards the thinner scarves that you might wear for spring, but in fall colors. Where I live, it is quite coold (in the 40s-50s) but I personally like saving chunky scarves for the winter.
Here are some scarves and ways to wear the scarves:
This scarf if thinner, but includes fall colors and mixed prints which is really  in this fall!
David & Young Geometric Scarf,, $18

 Though this scarf is white, since it is a bit more chunky-er, pair it with a fall top, dark skinny jeans, and boots, and you have the perfect fall outfit!
Rubbish® Textured Check Infinity Scarf,, $18

With the white scarf, the picture that's already shown would be the perfect way to way it, since it is an infinity scarf: just laying it around your neck, and then wrapping it around one more.
With the first scarf, here are some few ways to style if:
1. What I like doing is just laying the scarf around my neck, not wrapping it around or anything, then using the two ends of the scarf, just make a knot.
2, Here are some steps to a pretty scarf knot.
Here's a picture of the end result of this know:

So I hope this was semi-useful, and please comment and follow!

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