Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday Ten: Favorite Fall Fashion and Food!

If anyone is familiar with Lauren Conrad's blog, you would know that she does a weekly "Tuesday Ten" post. This post is inspired by these posts and is about my favorite fall fashion trends and food (two of my favorite things about fall!) Fall fashion is probably by favorite of all the seasons, because you can so much with it, such as sweaters and scarves. I also like fall colors, like maroons and neutrals. Along with fall fashion, I love fall foods, such as really hearty dishes and dishes incorporating seasonal vegetables like squash and pumpkin.

Chunky Sweaters. I love chunky sweaters in the fall! Especially paired with a chunky scarf and skinny jeans.
Pumpkin Cupcakes. Enough said.

Mixing Neutrals. I love neutrals when it comes to fashion, because all neutrals can go together without clashing. Fall is the prefect time to pair your favorite neutrals!

Chai Tea Lattes. I love tea, and in the fall and winter, there isn't anything better than a hot cup of chai.

Boots. There is pair of boots for everyone. In the fall, they can pull together a outfit, whether they are combat boots or riding boots.

Pumpkin Soup. When made right, it can taste so good on cold fall days!

Denim Shirt. This has been in for a little while, but it's coming in big this fall and winter. A light washed denim shirt can be paired with black or dark wash jeans and a pair of boots for a perfect fall look.

Rigatoni Zuccati. Roasted butternut squash in a creamy sauce. It's heaven!

Pleated Leather Skirt: I can't say this is one of my favorite trends. I couldn't personally pull it off, but for those who are more daring, it may be something to try, and it can look good. I do, however, see this being one of those trends where in 10 years, we will be saying "What were they thinking!?"

Pecan Pie. A perfect desert for the fall!

I hope you enjoyed this!
Thanks for reading!

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