Friday, November 29, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide for Her 2013!

  • Lush Bath Bombs: Bath Bombs are always a fun gift to give, plus there's such a large selection, there's something for everyone! Some fun ones are the Secret Santa Bath Bomb and the Mt. Frosty Bath Bomb Set.
  • Makeup Value Sets: Giving makeup can be iffy, because it's hard to know what they already own or what they want to try. Value sets are perfect, because they give you deluxe samples of multiple products for a decent price. Benefit has some of the best value sets, such as the Benefit Little Love Potions Gift Set.
  • Notebooks and Journals: For those who are not into makeup, notebooks and journals with fun patterns can be personal and a very useful gift. Some fun journals can be found at Anthropologie.
  • Makeup Palette: Every makeup lover or someone who started wearing makeup loves a good makeup palette. The LORAC Pro Palette is a good palette, since it has a large range of natural looking colors perfect for any person!
  • Candles: Who doesn't love candles? I love giving fun candles as gifts and Bath and Body Works now has mason jar candles which look more personal than the normal candles. I love the Bath and Body Works Candle in "Winter".
  • Body Product Sets: Sets are perfect for Christmas, because they incorporate several products for a lower price! I love the body product sets from Bath and Body Works, such as the Bath and Body Works "Vanilla Bean Noel" Set.
  • Nail Polish: This one may be a little iffy, because it's hard to know what exactly what colors they would love. You can't usually go wrong with a red color or sparkly neutral color, especially around holidays like New Years Eve. I would recommend the OPI nail polishes in "In My Santa Suit" and "My Favorite Ornament"!
  • Earrings: Earrings are also a good gift, especially for family or close friends. Nordstrom BP has well made earrings for less than $10 and have many styles. I like the the BP Sparkly Gold Stud Earrings and the BP Bow Earrings!

I hope that this post was helpful?
What are your favorite gifts to give during the holidays?
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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Simple Thanksgiving Makeup Look!

I love fall makeup and incorporating fall colors into my look and I think that doing my makeup on Thanksgiving is always fun, because I love doing simple fall inspired looks. This makeup look is a simple Thanksgiving look (hence the name) that is perfect for a family and friends dinner get-together without being over the top. Read on to see how to achieve the look!

Keep the face fresh and simple by first applying a BB cream. Next, to add some subtle color, apply a peach blush on the apples of your cheeks. Finish the face look by applying a highlighter or brightener on the tops of your cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose.

Start the eye look by applying a champagne eyeshadow all over the lid and inner corner. Next, take a soft gold eyeshadow and apply the color to the outer third of your eye and in the crease. Also apply the color on the lower lashline using a pencil brush or q-tip. 
This is optional, but for a transition between the gold and your skin, finish the look by apply a soft brown eyeshadow with a fluffy brush and blend into the crease so the transition is more subtle and natural.

Apply a brown eyeliner onto the upper lashline and apply a black mascara to your top and bottom lashes to finish off the look.

Apply a berry lip color to finish off the whole look! The Maybelline "Bit of Berry" Lipstick would be the perfect color or Revlon's Lip Butter in "Berry Smoothie".

There's the look! I just thought that, as cheesy as it may seem, it would be appropriate for me to to say what I'm thankful for since Thanksgiving is coming up. I am thankful for being healthy and very thankful for being able to have the opportunity to be in college to get a higher education.

I hope you found this post helpful!
What are you thankful for?
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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Outfit Ideas!

Thanksgiving is coming just around the corner and I'm super excited! I seriously can't wait for turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie! I also always get excited for choosing what to wear on Thanksgiving because I love wearing fall colors, esspecially if I can dress it up a bit. In this post, I included three different outfits, varying form formal outfits to casual outfits. Read on to see my Thanksgiving Day outfits!

Outfit 1:
Dress, Scarf, Wedges, Tights, Earrings
This first outfit is the fanciest of the three outfits. This outfit would be perfect for a large friend and family get together that's a little more dressy. A plum colored skater dress is perfect fo the fall, and pair with a white scarf and black wedges or flats. Pair with a pair of sheer black tights to keep warm and for accessories, wear a simple pair of gold stud earrings.

Outfit 2:
Sweater, Flats, Scarf, Skirt, Tights, Boots
This next outfit is a little bit of a more casual outfit and can easily dressed up or dressed down. Pair a sweater, such as a forest green sweater, tucked into a black circle skirt. Pair with a white scarf and a pair of riding boots or black flats. Finish the look with a pair of black tights to keep warm.

Outfit 3:
ShirtPearl StudsBlack JeggingsScarfBoots
This last outfit is the most casual of all the outfits, which is perfect for just a small family get-together. Start off the outfit with a chambray shirt with black jeggings. Accessorize the outfit by pairing it with a simple pair of pearl studs, blush scarf, and brown riding boots.

I hope you found this post helpful!
What are you planning on wearing on Thanksgiving day?
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Wishlist #1 | Basic Eye Products

Whenever I walk through Sephora or the beauty department of Nordstrom, there's always those products that I can't leave the store without at least eyeing or swatching. They are screaming at me to buy them, while my wallet keeps telling me not to give in, and usually (surprisingly), the wallet wins. These are some eye makeup products that I've always had my eye one (see what I did there?) and are on the top of my beauty wishlist!
  • Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. I don't own either of the Naked palettes, so they are definitely on the top of my list, partially the Naked 2 palette because I prefer cooler colors.
  • LORAC PRO Palette. Along with the Naked palettes, this wide range palette is on the top of my list, mainly because it comes with both matte and shimmery colors. I also like how they have many lighter colors for an everyday look!
  • Channel Long Wear Luminous Eyeshadow in "Emerveille". Whenever I walk through the Channel beauty section of Nordstrom, their beautiful cream eyeshadows always catch my eye, partially the shade "Emerveille"!
  • Bobbie Brown Creamy Corrector Kit. I am always on the hunt for the perfect concealer and when getting my makeup done for prom at the Bobbi Brown counter in Nordstrom, the makeup artist used this concealer on me and I loved it! Unfortunately, it was a little steep for my wallet, but when I have the extra money, I'm defiantly going to consider this product!
  • Benefit They're Real Mascara. I am usually a big fan of drugstore mascaras, however, this mascara has been getting a lot of hype and I have heard nothing but good things about it.
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in "Perversion". This has always been a cult favorite and for someone who has a hard time with pencil eyeliner staying in place, this product is on my wishlist and I have heard so many good things about it.
I hope you enjoyed this post!
Please comment below on some of the items on your wishlist!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Guide to Infinity Scarves | Fall/Winter 2013 ∞

First, as you can see above, I was having a little fun with photo/clip-art editing and thought I was was kinda creative for incorporating the infinity sign above. However, looking at it now, I realize that it's actually not that great so excuse the "creativity" above and I think I'm going to keep it to laugh at myself when I look back in the future.

Anyways, as for the actually post and fall fashion, I absolutely love infinity scarves for the fall and winter scarves because they are a super easy way to add detail to a simple outfit and are super comfy. Infinity scarves can be found at almost every clothing stores and can be found for pretty inexpensive. They also come in a wide range of colors and textures. Here are my favorite infinity scarves!

Textured scarfs are the perfect way to, well, add texture to your outfit. Textured scarves are my find kind, because I tend to find that they are the softest and are more unique than just a simple scarf! My favorite place to find textured scarves is Nordstrom BP, since they have the widest variety!

Nothing is more comfy than a chunky scarf! I love chunky scarfs in the fall and winter and you can find them for pretty inexpensive at many stores, such as H&M. Plus you can find them in many colors! If you're super ambitious, you can even knit your known chunky scarves!

Fringe/Open Weave
Fringe and open weave scarves are a perfect way to add some more detail to a simple outfit! Fringe has been a trend for the past few seasons and I think that fringe scarves are the perfect and subtle way to incorporate the trend into your outfit!

I hope you found this post helpful!
What's your favorite kind of scarf?
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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Get the Style: Taylor Swift Fall Street Style!

Taylor Swift's street style is one of my favorite celeb styles and I always look up to her for fashion inspiration! Her sense of style is a mixture of classy, modern, and comfortable. She has a sense of style that is a cross between J. Crew and Urban Outfitters, making it a very unique, yet chic and adorable. I also always love her bags! Her can almost always be seen with a structured crossbody bag and ray bans. Read on to see how I recreated her street style!

Outfit #1:
This outfit in my opinion is the epitome of Taylor Swift's style. A polka dotted navy sweater paired with red or maroon jeans is a super classic way of incorporating different colors and patterns into your outfit without anything clashing. For accessories, pair the outfit with a pair of black peep-toe flats, like the ones Taylor had, a structured cross body bag and a pair of ray bans. Taylor was also wearing a pearl necklace, which I think is a very classic and chic accessory to add to the outfit and the rest of the outfit balances the necklace out so it doesn't come off old-lady like. Lastly, finish the outfit off with a red lipstick!

Outfit #2:
This is one of Taylor Swift's more laid back and simple outfit. Rather than going for basic blue jeans, go for a pair of brown jeggings like the ones Taylor Swift had and pair it with a teal sweater. Finish the outfit with a structured brown crossbody bag and maroon loafers.

Outfit #3:
I think this last outfit is the perfect fall outfit, whether you're out and about during the day or hanging out with friends at night. Pair a printed black skirt with a leather jacket and an army green scarf. The skirt and scarf balances out the leather jacket for a more girly look. Finish the outfit off with a pair of black tights to keep you warm, a pair of black loafers or flats, and a brown crossbody bag.

I hope that you found this helpful!
Who is your fall fashion icon?
Please comment down below!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Tuesday Ten: Fall Inspiration

The leaves are changing color and are falling, which means that fall is here. Shorts and a t-shirt gets switched out for a sweater and leggings. I absolutely love the fall, with chunky sweaters and warm boots. I love wearing fall colors, such as cream, maroon, navy blue and forest green. Read on to see some of my favorite fall inspirations.

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What is your fall inspiration?
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Friday, November 1, 2013

High-End Boot for Less! (aka Knock Offs Found at Target!)

Can I just start off this post by saying what happened to October? October seriously went by so fast for me! My mind is blown that it's already November! Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Anyways, about this post, for me, a pair of good boots is one of my must haves for the fall! Boots, however, can be kind of pricey and not necessarily in many of our budget-ranges. When walking through Target and the junior section of Macys, I noticed that they had very similar boot styles as the more higher brands, but for a lot cheaper! Even though higher end boots tend to be better quality, sometimes their prices are a bit of a turn-off. If you're looking to save some money or trying to find a pair of boots that look like the higher brand, read on to see some of my favorite picks!

One of the most popular boots this season are combat boots. The Steve Madden "Troopa" Boot is a popular classic combat boot style, but at the price of $100. Target has a very similar combat, but for almost a third of the price, at $35! Definitely a steal there!

       A simple riding boot is a boot that can be easily dressed up and dressed down. The Frye Melissa Button Boot is classic boot at a hefty price of $348. Target has a similar boot is several colors for a lot lower of a price at $75 for the same classic boot cut. 

I love the simple Frye Smith Harness Boot with the simple detailing at the bottom of the boot, however, the price is a little high at $398. Target's Katherine boot has a very similar boot that's a different shade but has very similar detailing for $70.

The Hunter Rain Boot has been becoming more popular and can be very useful for the rainy months. However, the rain boot is pretty pricey at $140. Target has a very similar boot, and minus the top buckle, "Hunter" logo and $100, it is almost an exact dupe for $40. Check out my How to: Style Rain Boots to see how I style rain boots!

I hope you found this post helpful!
How much are you willing to pay for a pair of boots?
Please comment down below!

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