Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Quick Tip: Fuller and Softer Looking Lashes

This is a nice technique for those who want that "no make-up" look, while still having your eyes stand out. This gives your lashes a soft and sweet look.
Here's how to get fuller, softer lashes!
  • Take your favorite mascara, and wipe of a small bit of the masacra off of your brush, onto the rim of your mascara tube. This will keep you from having clumpy lashes. I like doing either this method or I just use a mascara that's semi-empty. This means that the brush won't be heavily coated with mascara when taking it out of the tube.
  • After this is done, put one coat of mascara all over your lashes. If you usually put on lot for one coat, keep your one coat lighter. 
  • Immediately after applying mascara to your lashes, go through your outer lashes for one final coat.
  • If your lashes still look clumpy, run a eyelash comb through your eyelashes.
I hope this helped!
Thank you <3

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