Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sequins vs. Glitter vs. Metallic | Holiday Textures

This is my first post for my "falling into winter" series and it will be featuring holiday features! The holiday brings bling and sparkle to outfits in celebration of the festive months. There are many ways to add some sparkle to your outfits, including sequins, glitter, and metallic detailed pieces. While the three light-reflecting details may seem very similar, they each give a different kind of flirty edge to an outfit. In this post, I'll be explaining the differences between the sequins, glitter, and metallic through several examples. Continue reading to see three ways to add life to your holiday outfits!

Sequins are probably the most dramatic and light reflecting of all three textures. Sequined clothing and accessories come in a wide range of colors, especially colors that are usually associated with the holidays, such as red and gold. The slight downside to sequins is since they are sewn onto the clothing or accessory piece, there is the chance that through some wear and tear, a few sequin may fall off. Sequins are also more often found on clothing pieces than accessories or shoes. Sequined detailed clothing, however, is often easier to find than glitter or metallic pieces.

This is probably my favorite out of the three textures. Glitter, unlike sequins, is not sewn onto the piece, but rather "glued" or secured onto the piece through an adhesive rather than thread. Glitter, of course, is also finer than sequins, making it reflect the light differently than sequins. Glitter reflects the light "finely" with different shades of gold or silver, since glitter is often "multi-shaded". Glitter is more easily found on shoes and accessories than sequins and metallic. Like makeup however, glitter can sometimes have a some fall-out, and you may find that any other piece of clothing or cloth that has contact with the glitter will also become reflective of the light.

Metallic and glitters are probably the most related of the three textures. Metallic pieces often have metallic thread sewn throughout the piece. Unlike sequins and glitter, you don't have to worry about pieces falling off the piece, since it is embedded into the piece. While you don't have to worry about "fall-out", metallic doesn't reflect as much as sequins or glitter. since the sparkle is embedded into the fabric rather than sewn of glued on. This, however, is perfect for those who want more subtle detail in their outfit without looking too over-the-top.

What is your favorite sparkly texture or detail? Sequins, glitter, or metallic?
Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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