Thursday, July 12, 2012

Youtube Yearbook Tag!

Here is another tag. I saw Meghanrosette and MarissaLace

Here are the questions:
1. Cutest Couple
2. Class Clown
3. Couple That Never Was
4. Dynamic Duo
5. Life of the Party
6. Most Likely to Have a Shopping Addiction
7. Worst Case of Youtuber-itis
8. Most Changed9. Best Dressed
10. Most Likely To Hit a Subscriber
11. Most Likely to Date Someone Over the Internet
12. Most Likely to Succeed

1. Cutest Couple: Missglamorazzi and Luke

2. Class Clown: Meghanrosette

3. Couple That Never Was:  Missglamorazzi and Luke. I said this again, because before  Missglamorazzi and Luke were dating, I think everyone who watched their videos thought they look super cute together!

4. Dynamic Duo: Meghanrosette and Sarahbelle93x

5. Life of the Party: CarlyCristman

6. Most Likely to Have a Shopping Addiction: Definably beautybaby44 and Meghanrosette

7. Worst Case of Youtuber-itis: beautyxxgoddess and sparkliebarbieXO. I love these two Youtubers, but I had to put them under this catagory.

8. Most Changed: Sarahbelle93x and Missglamorazzi. These girls have changed so much over the past few years!

9. Best Dressed: ARose186. She has amazing style!

10. Most Likely To Hit a Subscriber: LoLuFullyLoade

11. Most Likely to Date Someone Over the Internet: Meghanrosette. Haha, I know Meghan has fallen under several of these categories, but she is seriously an amazing Youtuber! I'm not sure who she would date, but I can see her dating another Youtuber.

12. Most Likely to Succeed: StilaBabe09 

Check out all of these girls' channels! They are all so talented!
Thank you for reading!

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