Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to Style: Crop Tops and Bralettes/Bustiers

Yes, the bare-midriff look is back. Crop tops and bralettes can be found in nearly every store and is such a huge trend this summer. They come in nearly every color and pattern . Crop tops and especially bralettes didn't really have a very good reputation before it started to become a trend this summer, however, there are ways of wearing crop tops and tanks without showing too much skin. My little own rule when styling crop tops is to not show more than a palms length of skin. This can be done by styling them with high-waisted shorts and skirts.
Read on to see some ways to style crop tops!

Outfit #1: Fitted Crop top + A-Line Skirt
Pair a simple fitted crop top with a high-waisted skirt. The high-waisted skirt will allow you to show a little less (or more) skin. Add a crossbody bag and cute flats to finish off the look. This effortless look is perfect for a day out with the friends or a casual date.

Outfit #2: Crop top + High waisted shorts
This is a very classic and often times typical look when styling crop tops. To stand out from the rest, wear a statement necklace and detailed sandals with high waisted shorts and a crop top or tank. This look can be worn anywhere and doesn't look like you tried too hard.

Outfit #3: Bralette + High-low Skirt
Bralette/Bustiers can sometimes be pretty tricky to style. Since Bralette/Bustiers do show a little more skin, pairing it with a high-low skirt is the perfect way to makeup the outfit more balanced. Add a pair of wedges and crossbody to finish the look. This look is good for a date night or any night out with friends.

I hope this helpful!
How do you feel about the crop top trend? How do you wear crop tops?
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Thank you for reading! <3


  1. I love these looks! I'm always nervous about a bare midriff look (just insecurities creeping in!) But the way these outfits are styled makes the look a little more approachable for me. Great post!


    1. Thank you! I also found crop tops to be a little intimidating so I'm glad this was helpful!


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