Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Get the Style: Kendall Jenner Street Style Fall 2014

Although the three older Kardashian sisters have taken over the reality show world for the past several years, the two younger sisters, Kendall and Kylie, have been gaining the spotlight over the past few months. Kendall Jenner has made her way out of the reality spotlight and into the world of modeling. She may walk the runways of some of the most famous fashion designers today, but also has amazing style outside of the catwalk. Kendall's current style is a little bit out of my comfort zone, but is definitely still toned down enough for that girl who likes a little bit of end! Below are three outfits inspired by the three photos of Kendall shown above!

This first outfit is edgy and great for the fall! First start off with a black lace trimmed tank and a black faux leather jacket. Next, add a pair of distressed acid washed skinny jeans. If the acid wash it out of your comfort zone, you can swap the acid wash jeans with a pair of your favorite skinny jeans! As for shoes, wear a pair of simple black booties. As for accessories, add a pair of black square sunglasses and black crossbody bag to finish off the look!

This next outfit is a little more dressed up, but is great for that girl who likes to have a little bit of edge for a casual fall night out! Start off with a white cropped sweater and add a pair of faux leather pants or leggings. For some warmth, add a black overcoat and a pair of black booties. Finish off the outfit with black and/or white satchel and a pair of black sunglasses!

This last outfit is my favorite of the three, mostly because it is closer to my personal style. Although this outfit may not technically be "street style", it is still appropriate for a fall night out around town! To recreate this outfit, start with a cropped maroon sweater or tee. As for the skirt, first start off with a black asymmetrical skirt. Next, when putting it on, make sure the highest part of the slit lines up with your belly button. If you have an asymmetrical skirt where the highest part of the slit is supposed to be on your side, just simply move the slit over to the center! Finish off the simple look with a burgundy nail polish and a pair of black point heels.

Who's street style have you been loving?
Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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