Friday, September 5, 2014

Travels in South Korea: Part I

As you can probably tell from the title, this post is not a beauty and fashion related post. I have been kind of absent for the past few weeks and this is because during the last few weeks, I had the amazing chance to visit Korea with my mom for about 10 days. Half of my family lives in Korea, considering that my mom is Korean (South Korea of course, I surprisingly still get questioned which one my mom is from). The main reason why we decided to go to Korea was because one of my relatives was getting married, so going to a wedding was a great excuse to travel there for over a week. (For reference, the photos above were taken at Namdaemun Market in Seoul.)

To answer another common question I am asked when I tell someone I'm Korean is that I don't speak Korean. Why? Because I was a stubborn kid who found it hard learning a language that I would never speak at home since my mom had learned English. I only speak very very basic Korean and completely regret not learning it at a young age, since now I don't have much time to learn the language. This made communicating in Korea somewhat difficult, however, a couple of my relatives, including a cousin who is about the same age as me was learning English. Although there was somewhat of a language barrier there, it was still fun talking to her. The large language between me and my other relatives made communicating difficult. (The three photos above were taken at an area in the countryside.)

I had visited Korea a few times before that were more tourist-y, and unlike past trips, this trip was more family-oriented and less tourist-y, which I enjoyed. The four photos above were taken in Ansan, a city outside of Seoul. The nightlife was so much fun and overwhelming! The delicious looking dessert is Korean shaved ice with bean powder, which was pretty much heaven in a bowl the size of my head.

I also visited Gangman, which I honestly had no idea existed before the popular song. At Gangnam, we ate pasta salad (literally pasta and salad) and an amazing bacon and garlic pizza that you actually pull apart and eat with a spoon or fork. Later, we ate this amazing brownie shaved ice that chocolate infused shaved ice with vanilla ice cream, brownie bits, oreo pieces, and whipped cream.

As you could probably tell, I was pretty much on a Michael Phelps diet.

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Look out for Part 2! It will be posted in just a few days!

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