Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Leopard and Stripes

Stripes and Leopard Print, an unexpected but surprisingly classic fashion combination. Stripes are a staple wardrobe that can (usually) never be over worn, while leopard prints are a growing trend this season, but tend to scare people away due to its bold pattern. These two patterns are on opposite sides of the fashion spectrun, but balance each other out to make a fun yet classic combination. Since leopard prints are bold, I tend to keep them with accessories while having the actual clothing pieces incorporate stripes. This helps balance the outfit without the outfit being too much.

Casual and Laid Back
One of the simplest ways of combining stripes and leopard print is by also having a neutral item, such as jeans in the outfit. This outfit shown above is perfect for a day out and incorporates leopard print through a few accessories without being overdone and tacky. First pair of a striped tee with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans. As for the leopard print, wear a pair of leopard printed flats with a leopard printed tote bag. Finish the look off with some simple, pearl stud earrings.

Fall Night Out
This next outfit is more on the dressier side and would be work well for a day to night look. The outfit incorporates not only stripes and leopard print, but also other textures such as leather. Start off the outfit with a simple striped dress. Add a leopard printed belt for a small pop of color and a pair of black earrings to compliment the belt. To make this outfit more appropriate for the fall, add a taupe leather jacket and a pair of taupe booties. These taupe and neutral pieces will help lighten the outfit and won't class with the mixing prints in the outfit.

High Waisted Skirts and Heels
This last outfit is another dressy way to combine stripes and leopard print. This outfit subtly adds the thin stripes with the statement shoe, making it classic outfit that is perfect for a night out during the fall. Pair together a striped navy and white top with a black high-waisted skirt. Add a pair of leopard printed heels as a statement piece. Lastly, finish the outfit off with a black crossbody bag and a black necklace. By pairing black pieces with the striped top and leopard printed heels, the outfit is kept classic without any of the pieces clashing.

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What do you think of the striped and leopard print combo?
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