Monday, November 28, 2011

Fall/Winter Fashion: Sweater + Skirt = Perfect Fall Outfit!

So the reason why this is fall/winter is because this outfit can, well, be worn in both the fall and winter. So something I have seen a lot on websites and just around is the skirt+cute sweater combination.
Outfit 1:
-Cropped sweater
-Mixing Patterns
-Love the less-loose sweater with flowy skirt

Cropped Sweater,, $38

Floral Skirt,, $59

Ourfit 2:
- "Sharkbite" sweater
- Pencil skirt
- Socks/legwarmers with boots
-The more baggy sweater with pencil skirt is the perfect combo.

Frenchi® Slouchy Scoop Asymmetric Hem Sweater ,, $44

Textured Knit Skirt,, $10
Note, that if you wanted to wear this pencil skirt and sweater with boats, I would skip on the socks/legwarmers, since there's already so much going on with the textured skirt and asymmetric sweater. Rather than this skirt, go with just a plain pencil skirt.

Leg Warmers (especially cream cable knit ones) look so cute with a pair or dark brown boots, but as I said before, make sure you don't go too heavy on the patterns in the overall look.

 AE Wedge Boat,, $80
A nice pair of dark brown/chesnut colored boats are always classy.

I hope this was helpful, and please comment and follow!
Thanks for reading <3

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