Monday, September 9, 2013

Get the Style: Kendall Jenner Street Style

Kendall Jenner has an edgy style while still a little girly. Of all the Kardashian styles, hers is one of my favorites, even though it's very different than mine. Her style is simple yet chic so I feel like anyone can pull it off! In the summer, she can always be seen with a pair of aviator sunglasses paired with a simple top, so her style isn't too hard to steal if you have all the essentials. Read on to see how I recreated Kendall's style!

Outfit #1:
This first outfit is one of Kendall's more edgy outfits with the yellow pants and wedged sneakers. Pair some yellow skinny jeans (any color could work though) with a loose white tank top. Cover with a white lose cardigan and tie the outfit together with some wedged beige sneakers and aviators.

Outfit #2:
This outfit is perfect for a casual summer or warmer day, whether you're going to hang out with some friends or going to a concert! Pair a light floral crop top with some distressed light-washed denim shorts for that super casual look. Finish the look up with a simple wristlet and some white crochet shoes (Kendall was wearing the crochet TOMS) and a pair of aviators.

Outfit #3:
This outfit is a super chic and classic outfit. The white loose crop tank and black leggings is a very versatile look and the wool fedora, aviators, and black leather bag complete the look perfectly.
The look is also perfect whether you're out during the day or you're out at night with some friends. For the day, wear this outfit with some black combat boots like Kendall did for that more edgy look. For the night, swap the boots with some black wedges or heels for a casual night out look.

I hope you found this post helpful!
Please comment below on what you think of Kendall's style!

Thank you for reading! <3

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