Sunday, September 29, 2013

Army Green Trend: How to Style and Favorite Pieces!

This fall, one of the "it" colors and something that I have been seeing a lot in stores is army green! Also sometimes labeled as olive green, this color is the perfect fall color, and can be worn with almost any neutral outfit. This color is an easy way to incorporate a subtle green into your fall wardrobe, even if the leaves outside are changing colors. I have been seeing this green color in everything from jackets to shirts to hair accessories. Here are a few of the most popular pieces that I have been seeing, some of my favorites, and how I would style them!

  1. Military Jacket. Probably the most popular army green clothing pieces in stores this fall is the basic military jacket with several pockets on the front with a synched waist. This jacket is a basic piece that will go with anything and is perfect for fall!
    • How to Wear: This jacket would look really cute unbuttoned with a striped tee, white scarf, black skinny jeans, and combat boots!
  2. Button Down Shirt. For those not into the military jacket but still like the army green trend, an army green button down shirt is a simple way to wear the trend 
    • How to Wear: Pair this button down shirt with dark wash skinny jeans, nude flats, and gold accessories for a causal day-out look.
  3. Leather Jacket. This is a little more daring army green piece and is a good alternative to the black leather jacket. It's a good subtle pop of color in the fall and would look good with some neutrals.
    • How to Wear: Since this jacket is green rather than black, add to the edgy-ness of the leather jacket by incorporating black and gold into the outfit. Pair this jacket with a black top and skinny jeans, brown combat boots, and a gold long necklace and bangles for an edgy fall look!
  4. Cameo Army Jacket. To make more of a statement with the army green trend, go for a cameo patterned jacket. This jacket is a simple way to add more color and detail to an otherwise boring outfit!
    • How to Wear: Since this piece makes a statement, pair this jacket with some simpler pieces, such as a white sweater, black skinny jeans or leggings, and brown combat boots.
  5. Skater Skirt. For those who are more girly and want to incorporate the army green trend into their fall wardrobe, this skater skirt is perfect! This skirt follows two fall trends, army green and skater skirts, in one item, making it the perfect fall piece! 
    • How to Wear: Pair this skirt with white fitted top, brown cardigan (army green and brown compliment each other well), and nude flats for an effortless day out look!
  6. Leather Sleeve Utility Jacket. Recently, I have been seeing this jacket more in stores. This combination of leather jacket and military jacket incorporates many different textures into one, trendy, fall item!
    • How to Wear: Since this piece has many different textures, keeping the rest of the outfit simple allows the outfit to not be to cluttered. Pair this jacket with a navy top, black skinny jeans, and riding or combat boots for a fresh and trendy look.
I hope you found this post helpful!
Are you liking the army green trend for the fall? How do you like to wear the trend?
Please comment down below!

Thank you for reading! <3

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