Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back to School: A Tag!

September has started which means for most students, school has also started. This tag is about Back to School and was started by Sparkliebarbiexo and Daniaustin2 on Youtube. Even though I don't make Youtube videos, I still wanted to do this take since many of these questions were relevant to my blog and just seemed like a fun thing to write about! Read on to see the questions and answers to this tag!

1. Top 3 Backpack Essentials [beauty]
My three beauty backpack essentials is probably blotting papers (or a powder), concealer, and a tinted chapstick. Blotting papers or a mattifying powder is perfect for removing the oils that build up throughout the long school day. My concealer tends to fade throughout the day and since I have bad under-eye circles, sometimes I like to touch up on my concealer. I also always carry chapstick with me, and for school, I find that a tinted chapstick is more natural and easier to apply than a lipstick or lipgloss.

2. Favorite fragrance to attract your school crush?
My favorite fragrance is probably either "Sweet Pea" or "Forever Sunshine" from Bath and Body Works, although, I can't say that these scents actually attracted any guys for me. Whether or not they attracted guys doesn't really matter though, because both of these scents are delicious and smell so good and fresh! Would defiantly recommend them for school!

3. Do you have any school horror stories?
I can't think of any specific horror stories as of this moment aside, however, during my sophomore year of high school, I was pretty shy and I had this one class (english) that I would hate to walk into because I knew that sometime during that class period my teacher would call on me during a discussion and I would always be like a deer in headlights and my mind would go blank, making answering the question terrifying.
For a more humiliating story, during my senior year of high school, I was walking down the hallway, stepped into a puddle of water by the water fountain, and I completely slide and fall on my butt. To make it worse, I get up only to slip and fall again after one step. Defiantly not the highlight of my high school years.

4. Do you plan your outfits before? Or do you decide the day of?
I plan most of my outfits before, sometimes even over the weekend for the next week. This is mainly because I don't usually have time in the morning to decide what to wear. I want sleep as much as possible in the morning! I'm also half asleep when I get ready in the morning so deciding an outfit when I'm not wide awake usually isn't a good idea if I want to look put-together.

5. Must-Have Back to School beauty trend?
My favorite back to school beauty trend is probably either bright the under eye area or rosey cheeks. Both of these trends brighten up and freshen the face after waking up early in the morning and are easy to touch up during the day.

6. Favorite Back to School Fashion trend?
My favorite back to school trend would probably be A-line skirts. This as been an overall favorite trend of mine for a while now and I think that it's the perfect trend to transition between the summer and school year. Plus, you can get school appropriate lengths and can easily be styled. You can also wear tights underneath them if it starts to get cooler.

7. Best store for school supply shopping?
When it comes to school supplies shopping, my favorite stores are Office Depot and Target. I find that Office Depot has better selections on the basic school supplies like notebooks and pencils while Target tends to have better prices and cuter supplies.

8. What is your best quick fix for makeup during school?
I know that I have said this several times already in this post, but probably a concealer for a quick pick-up for the eye area. Throughout the day, my concealer tends to fade, but if I just apply a little bit of concealer under my eyes, it instantly brightens my face and makes me look more awake.

9. Any back to school traditions?
I don't really have any back to school traditions. Every year though on the first day of school, my parents would drive me to school rather than riding the bus. Other than that though, I don't think I really had any other back to school traditions!

10. Best school tip you've ever received?
The best school tip I have received is probably one that most people have received: try your best at school and stay focused. During high school, staying focused in class was sometimes a chore, especially if the teacher had a monotone voice or you had a classroom full of your friends. However, if you set your priorities and focus on school, you will be thankful later and feel very accomplished!
Another tip is to be yourself and be open minded. Being yourself at school will allow you to make the right friends. When I say to be open minded, I wouldn't recommend excluding people from your friend group or being very clique-y. New people may surprise you!

I hope enjoyed this post!
I would love to hear your answers to any of the questions in this tag!
Please comment down below!

Thank you for reading! <3

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