Friday, October 11, 2013

Get the Look: Chloe Grace's Seventeen Magazine Cover Makeup Look!

I absolutely loved Chloe Grace's look on this month's (October) Seventeen magazine cover! It's a neutral, fresh orange/coral look that's perfect for the fall and for school! This look is centered around the eyes and lips, with a cat-eye liner and a fresh coral/orange lip color. I think this is a look that suits any skin tone and looks like you put a lot of time into it, even though it's a fairly simple look! Read on to see my take on her makeup look!

To get Chloe Grace's glowy, natural look, start off with a BB cream to smooth out the skin. For her lightly bronzed glow, apply a light bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks and temples. She also has a natural cheek look, and to get this look, apply a natural coral pink blush color on the apples of your cheeks. Finish off the face look by applying a highlighter to the top of your cheek bones and down the bridge of your nose to achieve her glowy look!

Start off the eye look by lightly filling in your eyebrows with some eyebrow powder. Next, apply a highlighting pencil to your brow bone and inner corner to brighten the eye area. She doesn't have a heavy eye look, so for eyeshadow, apply a neutral eyeshadow color all of the lid.

The center of Chloe Grace's eye look is her eyeliner. Apply a medium-thick line on the upper lash line with a black gel eyeliner, winging the eyeliner at the end. Finish the eye look with a volumizing black mascara.

Chloe Grace wore a gorgeous natural coral lip color! Apply a coral pink color glossy lipstick or balm to finish off the whole look!

I hope you found this helpful!
Please comment down on whether or not you liked Chloe Grace's look!

Thank you for reading! <3

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