Thursday, October 3, 2013

Get the Look: Katy Perry - Roar - Music Video Makeup Look!

One of my favorite end-of-the-summer jams was Katy Perry's new single "Roar" (check out the music video here). Not only do I love the song, but I also loved Katy Perry's makeup look. Usually, she tends to wear a heavy, colorful makeup look, which is fun, but it was nice to see her dial down and wear a more natural makeup look. Read on to see my take on her makeup look!

Even though this look is very natural, Katy Perry has flawless and glowly skin in the video, so apply an illuminating or radiating foundation to achieve this look (you can also mix a little bit of your highlighter with your foundation). It didn't look like she was wearing any bronzer, however, she did have a light layer coral blush color on the apples of her cheeks to add more color and to slightly contour. Finish off her glow with a champagne liquid highlighter!

To frame your face without looking like you're wearing a lot of makeup, lightly fill in your eyebrows with eyebrow powder. To add on to Katy Perry's glowly look, apply a nude champagne cream eyeshadow all over the lid, like the one she had in the video. Next, to add a little bit more of a definition, apply a light brown eyeshadow color in the crease and blend well so it's very natural looking. It doesn't look like she is wearing any eyeliner, so finish the look off with some black mascara!


Katy Perry seems to be wearing either a shiny light lip stick or a lipgloss, so go for a light rose pink shimmery lipgloss to finish off the whole look!

I hope you found this helpful!
Did you like her makeup look? What songs have you been listening to?
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