Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Short(er) and Change

Getting a haircut can be one of the most liberating and freeing feelings in the beauty world. Getting a simple haircut can make you see yourself in a different light and realize that maybe change wasn't a bad idea. As someone who isn't really fond of the idea of change, one of the things I often dread is going to the salon. I dread the uncertainty of whether the stylist will cut my hair to my liking or just create one big mess that is already my hair.

Last week, I decided to ask the stylist to chop off 3-4 inches of my hair, which may just seem minuscule for some, but is quite the length for me (see my pre-cut hair here). I also had many layers put in, since something in me that weekend oddly enough wanted something different for my hair. The most liberating change, however, was having my hair thinned to the point where maybe more than a third of my hair ended up on the floor. I know that this isn't the best thing for my hair, but it was needed for the amount of hair that was on my head. When I saw all the hair on the floor, I got a little nervous, but when looking in the mirror, I ended up being very happy with the results!

Change can be good, whether it's as small as a hair cut or something larger and more life-changing. I think that many of us (including myself) get comfortable with where we are and who we are, afraid that one small change will mess up our perception of life around us. Change, however, can have an impact that is liberating and eye-opening. One small change can have a snowball effect towards you being encouraged to take more leaps of faith in the future.

I can't believe I just connected a haircut with something more deep, but that just happened.

I hope you enjoyed this all-over-the-place post!
What's the last change you made?
I would love to read your answers below!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Jealous! Your "short" hair is longer than my "long" hair. :(( I've been trying to grow mine out foreverrr. Why don't you grow, damnit?!
    This length suits you though, it really does look great!

    Much love. xx


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