Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Blog Layout?!

Of the four years that I have had this blog (I can't believe it's already been four!), I have never set up a more "professional" or put-together layout. This is partially because I have a really hard time spending money, particularly online. I finally decided to suck it up though, and after months of searching, I decided on a blog template by ShinyMagic that you are seeing right now!

My previous blog layout:

As you can probably tell, my previous blog temple was very youthful. I put a lot of work in my old template. I designed the header myself and installed all the icons and gadgets by myself. It took a lot of time, but in the end, I created a blog layout that I loved! For the past year though, I grew out of the template, and wanted something more sophisticated.

I still have to tweak a few things with this layout, but I'm excited to start 2015 with a fresh new layout!

What do you think of the layout?
I love it, but I would love to read your thoughts!

Thank you for reading!


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