Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Color of the Year: Marsala | 2015


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When I first heard that color of 2015 was Marsala, I immediately thought "Like the Italian Dish?". Believe it or not, the Italian dish and the color are (loosely) tied. One of the ingredients in Chicken Marsala is Marsala wine, and the Marsala color is based on the color of the wine. After learning this somewhat useless information, I didn't feel as bad recalling a food dish when hearing that Marsala was the color of the year.

Marsala is described as an earthy red-brown color that's warm while being sophisticated. Even though many may have questioned Pantone's choice of Marsala as the color of the year, Marsala is a sophisticated and stylish color that can be used in beauty, fashion, and home design. Above are products that allow you to incorporate the color Marsala into your routine and examples of Marsala in fashion.

What do you think of Marsala as the color of the year?

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