Monday, May 25, 2015

Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Music Video Inspired Outfits!

If you have been listening to Taylor's Swift 1989 album, then you have probably seen her new music video for "Bad Blood" (here). I was excited to hear that she was making a music video since it's a pretty catchy song, but I was sceptical when I heard about all the famous people that were in the video. I thought it would come out..tacky. But did she prove me wrong! I absolutely love the video, and it's dare I say, epic. If you haven't seen it, you should, since you'll feel pretty empowered by the end. The outfits were also pretty epic, and while they may not be for everyday wear, inspiration from the looks is the pretty way if you want to add some (or a lot) of edge to your look!


I just want to start off Taylor Swift's outfit by appriciating her alter-ego name "Catastrophie." Pretty fantasitic and makes you love her that much more. To recreate Taylor's edgy, but leather detailed outfit, start by pairing together a sleeveless nude top with a zipper-detailed black leather skirt. Add more black to the outfit with a black tights and black booties. Since the rest of the look is bold, finish the look with some simple accessories, such as rings and hoop earrings.


Top / Boots / Ring (left), Ring (right) / Shorts / Jacket
Slay-Z, aka Gigi Hadid was one the up-and-coming models featured in the video. Her all-black ensemble was edgy and incorporated the cutout trend that has been growing in popularity. For an inspired outfit, start off with a cutout or strapy black top. Add a pair of black shorts and a black jacket. Finish the look with some black heeled booties and rings.


The outfit worn by Frostbyte, otherwise known as Lily Aldridge is probably one of my favorites in the music video. To recreate her outfit, start by pairing together a white v-neck crop top and a pair of white high-waisted shorts. To mimic the look of fur in her ensemble, add a white furry jacket or a furry headband. Finish the look with a pair of silver earrings, which nicely complements the white in the outfit, and a pair of white boots.

Have you seen Taylor Swift's new video? What do you think of the outfits above?

I would love to read it in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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