Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hoilday Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

For all you people who still need to buy gifts, whether it's for your friends or for your mom, here are some holiday gift ideas!

Mom: This will definably vary per person, but here are some ideas!

3 Wick Candles w/Cover

Slatkin & Co. 14.5 oz. Filled Candle in "Frosted Cranberry"

This scent is described as: "sparkling blend white cranberry, juicy peach, wild strawberry, raspberry and true Christmas joy" Frosted Cranberry, $20 
*I just want to mention, that you can't go wrong with giving your mom "Frosted Cranberry", unless she, of course, doesn't like the smell of cranberries.*

Slatkin & Co.14.5 oz. Filled Candle in "Spice"
It's a "perfect Christmas spice - red hot cinnamon, warm clove and spiced orange peel" Spice, $20

Please note that Bath and Body Works is currently having a sale on by 2 Slatkin & Co. candles for $20. You'll save about $20!

Slatkin & Co. 14.5 oz. Metal Candle Sleeve- Ribbon Style

Cute Apron!
"To the Houndstooth" Apron, modcloth.com, $34

Sister: The sister gift may be the hardest of all. Sister gifts usually tend to personal, like the mom's gift. The best sister gifts though, are the ones that are funny or relate to something she is currently obsessed with.

Picture frame with a picture when you were young:

Makeup Set: Whether she's a beginner or advanced, give your sister something she will use everyday!
SEPHORA COLLECTION Mini Shopping Bag Makeup Palette ($50 Value), sephora.com, $15

Friends: The best gifts for friends are when they're personal, wether the gift is esspecially for them, or whether the gift is an inside joke.
I think that gifts for your sister and for friends really can go hand in hand.
If you're having trouble finding a finding a gift that they would like, here are some options that every girl would love!

Nail Polish: Get you're friends something fun and super sprakely
Deborah Lippmann 'Dance Music' Holiday Mini Trio nordstrom.com, $29

Lush: Can't go wrong with good scents!
LUSH "Cinders" Bath Bomb, lush.com, $5

This bath bomb is probably one of my favorite scents from LUSH. So good for the winter time!

Scarf: Something every girls likes, and you can find the right one for her style!

GAP "Cozy block-pattern" scarf, gap.com, $30

I hope this was helpful!
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