Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Make Those Eyes Sparkle! - A holiday makeup tutorial

This sparkly make up look is perfect for a Holiday Party, such as a New Year Eves Party.
This is a more "out there look", so be sure to keep the darker color light.

First, take a shimmery champagne taupe color cream eyeshadow, such as Mac's Morning Frost Paint Pot. Apply a layer all of the lid and inner corner.This will work as an eyeshadow primer as well.
Mac's Morning Frost

Next, take a champagne/golden/frosty blue shade (I know, weird combination), such as Mac's "Snow Season". Place this on the inner two thirds of the lid, and a light layer on the outer third. It may be best if the lighter champagne part of this eyeshadow is taken, for a more brightening look.
A dupe for this eyeshadow would be the lighter color in Maybelline's Marbleized eyeshadow in "Silver Scarlet". The Mac eyeshadow and the Maybelline eyeshadow are practically the same color.
Mac's "Snow Season"
Maybelline's Marbleized eyeshadow in "Silver Scarlet"
On the outer third of the lid, place a silver blue color, such as Urban Decay's "Gunmetal" eyeshadow. Blend well with the champagne color on the lid, so there are no harsh lines. If you're bold want to deepen up the look, and a little bit of  Urban Decay's "Creep" to the outer corner.

As a dupe, the blue side of Maybelline's "Silver Scarlet" can be used.
*Blue can be a over-powering color, so be sure to go lightly on this color*
Bring the Gun metal color lightly into the outer half of the crease, and blend.

Take Urban Decay's "Toasted" (shown above) and place this on the outer third of your bottom lash line. This will brighten the eyes, while not being too light or dark.

As a highlight, add a matte cream color, since most of the eye is already shimmery, such as Mac's Blanc Type.
Mac's Blanc Type

Apply a thin line of liquid liner to the upper lash line, winging it out a little. Apply voluming mascara.

If the blue is too much for you, you can replace the blue with a purple color, like Urban Decay's "Hustle" (shown above).

I hope you enjoyed this look!
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