Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bold lips: In or Out?

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of bold lips in magazines and on Youtube. When I mean bold lip, I mean very dark red lipstick, like some of these:

I personally wouldn't go for the dark lip, but I feel like someone people could pull it off, depending on how dark the lipstick is. I also feel like people can pull this off before the spring/summer time.
If you do want to pull off this trend, be sure to:
  • Apply a lip liner before, so the lipstick lasts longer.
  • Don't go outside the lines!
  • Stick to the glossy lipstick, rather than matte and/or lipgloss. It can be a little too much.
  • Keep the face natural, but bold lashes.

If you do want to go for that dark lip, here are some lipsticks:

This MAC lipstick in "Hang Up" is sheer, so it is light, but buildable. Many dark lipsticks are like this, which is good, because you can build it up until you have the shade you want.

A nice deep red (MAC's "Diva" lipstick). Would look good on someone with fair-medium skin if applied lightly.

This is another sheer and buildable lipstick. Comes out more red then it looks, and I feel like it would work on all skintones. (Revlon Lipbutter in "Red Velvet")

I hope this was helpful! Please comment and tell me what you think about dark bold lips!

Photo Credit:
MAC's Hang Up:

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  1. I have been wearing bold lips recently and I think it's gorgeous really gone of the nude look ha I love really deep purples and browns :)


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