Saturday, January 28, 2012

Confessions Of a Shoe-A-Holic Tag!

There is a Tag that has been going around Youtube, and I just really wanted to do it! I know it's weird doing Tag videos in blog form, but I don't make videos, and I really want to do the tags that go around!
By the way, I tag all of you to do it!

The Questions:
1. Heels or Flats?
2. What are your go-to shoes?
3. What's your favorite shoe trend at-the-moment?
4. What's your least favorite shoe trend?
5. What's your most expensive shoe?
6. What are your most wanted pair?
7. What's your most embarrassing shoe story?
8. Pick a shoe and share a story. (I did not do this question because it was too similar to the previous question!)
9. How many pairs of shoes do you own?
10. When was the first time you wore heels?
11. How much do you spend on shoes?
12. Where are your favorite places to buy shoes?
13. Do you have a pair of shoes you regret purchasing?
14. What are your favorite pair of shoes?

My Answers!
1. Flats all the way! So much either to walk in than heels, and come in a lot of styles!
2. My go-to shows are my lo pro vans. Comfortable, maybe not fashionable, but I usually just throw them on.
3. My favorite shoe trend is probably any shoe that's "Cognac" colored, or tan/brown. I know this probably isn't a trend, but I like (most) shoes that are that color. My favorite shoe trends tend to change every week though! Here's an example of the cognac color (in the picture they look ugly, but in really life, they look so cute on!):

4. My least favorite shoe trend is probably the awkward platform. This is what I mean:
5. My most expensive pair of shoes would probably be my Steve Madden flats, which were about $80. They're really cute though! Here they are:

6. I'm guessing this question means what pair of shoes I want the most. My dream pair of shoes would probably be a pair of Tory Butch flats, but those are so expensive and our of my price range! 
7. I don't have man embarrassing shoe stories, really. Most of my embarrassing stories don't relate to my shoes :)
8. There aren't many stories related to my shoes, but there is this one pair of shoes (my lo pro vans) that I've had for a while. They have been everywhere. I've worn them in different countries, I've climbed in them on tall mountains, and I have worn them for our summer vacations. Unfortunately though, they are just now starting to get worn out.
9. haha, i don't know!
10. Probably a year or two ago (14-15 years old?). It was for a concert, but they were only like 1-2 inch heels. Nothing too much.
11. It really varies, but I do like to get shoes that I know will last me a while.
12. Probably Nordstrom BP. All their shoes ares really cute!
13. I don't think so. I always buy things if I know I will like them :). 
14. Probably either my Toms or my sandals for the summer, but in the winter, just my lo pro vans, because they are comfortable for school.

Thanks for reading!
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