Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Fashion 2012: Lauren Conrad Inspired Outfit #2

I love Lauren Conrad's style! I know that I did a post in the fall on an inspired outfit based off of her style. I decided to do one for spring!

How to recreate her look:
Modcloth Lattice Top
Any cream or light pink flowy tank will work for this.

Here are the exact shorts from the photo (part of her LC line for Kohls)

Here are another pair of lace pink shorts from

These are her exact shoes from the photo, also from her LC line.

Catbird rings
In the photo, she is wearing a silver ring. It is hard to see the details, but a silver ring would add a nice touch.

Carole Floral Heart Stud Earrings
 Even though you can't tell whether or not she's wearing earrings, I think that this pair would go well with the outfit.

I hope this was helpful!
Thank you for reading!

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