Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Ten: Pretty Braids

Braids are such a huge trend yet super easy. Braids can be really simple with just a three strand braid, or more complicated with a fishtail or french braid. Braids are perfect for everyday as well as for more special occasions. They look pretty with both straight hair or curly hair. I think braids are such an easy way to change up your hair for a day, and they are so pretty! Add a flower or bow for an extra spring touch!
Here are some of my favorite braids:

Fishtail braids pulled back

Double fishtail braid

Waterfall braid updo

Braid with flowers

Fishtail braid

French braids

Braids pulled back

Loose braid

Ombre Braid

Waterfall braid

Hope this helped!
Thank you for reading!

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