Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to and All About: Loafers!

Before this year, I had always thought of loafers as shoes that was for men and as informal office wear. However, this has recently become a trend that I have really been liking in the marvelous world of shoes. Stores are now selling loafers that are more slimming and feminine and are completely different than the typical office-wear shoe. Loafers are now made to be the perfect new sophisticated twist to the everyday flat. They pretty much look good with anything that pairs well with flats. They come in many different styles and colors just like flats to fit anyone's style.

Here are some of my favorite loafers!

  • Classic Loafer. The classic, basic loafer is a perfect alternative to the classic ballet flat. It can go with anything! It can pull together any outfit!
  • Cut-out. The cut-out trend has been in and can be found in all stores, whether it's clothing or shoes. This loafer is the perfect way to incorporate the trend subtly, and looks cute all year long.
  • Animal Print. Loafers with an animal print is the perfect way to add more to a simple outfit and has been seen a lot this season. 
  • Studs. For those who like the edgy trend, a pair of studded loafers is the perfect shoe. It is classy, but with a fashionable, edgy twist.
  • Tassels. Tassels on loafers us always a very classic look. Tassels add a little more for those who think that the simple loafer is too plain for them.
  • Velvet. Like the classic, basic loafer, velvet loafers go with everything. I've been seeing the velvet trend being incorporated into clothing, such as shirts and skirts, and now they're on shoes. Velvet loafers aren't tacky, like some velvet clothing and look so cute with any outfit.
How to style

  • Detailed/Patterned Loafers + Skinny Jeans + Flowy Top. When wearing a detailed pair of loafers, a light, simple top can balance them out nicely.
  • Loafers + Cropped/Black Skinny Jeans + Button Down Shirt. I love the pairing of loafers and skinny jeans that are cropped at just above the ankles. When paired with a button down shirt, it is the perfect laid-back outfit.
  • Loafers + Black Circle Skirt + Bright Chiffon Top. For a little more dressy-er look, tuck a colored chiffon top with black circle skirt with loafers. I think that loafers and circle skirts/a-line dresses is a perfect go-to look.
I hope this helped!
Please comment on whether or not you like the loafers trend!
Thank you for reading!

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