Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Chirstmas Morning Guide: Makeup, Fashion, and Hair

Christmas morning is the highlight of many children's year, and even though I'm now older, I still think that there's no morning like Christmas morning! During the morning though, I don't want to take a lot of time to get ready, and when memorable photos and videos are being taken, sometimes I feel like I should not look like a cave woman who just rolled out of her dirt bed. For the last part of my "Falling into Winter" series, this post will show how you can feel put together in a short amount of time, from makeup to fashion to hair!

For makeup, since photos are most likely going to be taken, the key is to not look like you had little sleep or are still hungover from the night before. Start off with a brightening concealer under your eyes and on any problem areas. Next, set the concealer and your t-zone with a powder. If desired, fill your eyebrows with an eyebrow powder for a more defined look. Finish by curling your lashes and applying some mascara to your upper lashes.

Christmas morning is great excuse to wear pajamas for hours after you woke up! This first outfit is great for those who don't want to put together an outfit in the morning but still want to look cute for photos. If you didn't sleep in a cute top, throw on a Thermal top in the morning. It's cute while still being comfortable and warm. Next, just wear your favorite pair of Pajama Pants and add a pair of cute Fuzzy Socks for extra comfort.

 This next outfit is a little more put together than the first outfit, but is still very comfortable and easy to throw on in the morning. Start off the outfit with a Chunky Sweater paired with a pair of Leggings. Next, for added comfort, wear a pair of Fuzzy Socks and add a pair of Moccasins to finish off the look!

One of the easiest and quickest ways to style your hair is by putting your hair up, whether it's a pony tail or topknot. The hairstyles above will be explained in a clockwise direction. The hairstyle on the top left corner can be achieved by pulling your hair half up, and tying the top part in a bun. 
The next hair style can be done by starting off by braiding your hair in a french braid on the back of your head, and then when you reach the bottom of your head, braid the rest of your hair. 
The bottom left hairstyle can be achieved by pulling your hair into a messy ponytail, while keeping your part. 
The last hairstyle can be achieved by simply pulling all your hair to the top of your head then twisting your hair, then wrapping your hair into a bun and tiring it off with a hair tie. 

What is your go-to look for Christmas morning?
Please leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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