Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back On My 2014 Resolutions

Last year I did I tag that included questions about looking back on the year and the resolutions for the next year. I'm very happy that I did this post last year, because it is a great (and organized) way on looking back on my resolutions for 2014. Here are the questions from last year's post: (full post here)

1. What are the makeup/beauty resolutions you have for next year? I think that I want to try to branch out a little with makeup and maybe to new colors, such as different blush and lip colors, since I usually just stick to rosy and natural colors!
2. What are the fashion resolutions you have for next year? I think that I want to evolve my fashion style. I'm happy with my style now, but I kinda think that I want to make my style a bit more preppy, like I have always wanted it to be. The problem is that I don't go shopping all that much so I just want to find some good pieces to help my style evolve.
3. What are your personal resolutions for next year? My personal resolutions for next year may seem like a lot, but I want to find a place where I totally happy and to find out what I want to do with my life. I also want to eat healthier and to work out more so I'm just more healthy overall.
4. Name 1 thing you want to check off your bucket list next year. I think that I want to join a yoga class! I know that it's nothing too crazy but I have always wanted to join a yoga class and now that I'm in college, I have more of an opportunity to join one!

Branching out with makeup: I would say I partially accomplished this resolution, since I experimented with more lip colors, but not with more blush colors. I finally bought some red lip colors and started wearing more mauve-pink lip colors. However, I seemed to stick with the same rosy pink blush colors for most of the year.

Evolving my style (to more preppy): I'm not sure if I fully accomplished this resolution. Of course, like most things in life, style and fashion ambitions change. I feel that my style has changed in the direction that I want it to go, but it can sometimes be difficult for someone on a budget.

Finding a place where I totally happy: Unfortunately, I would say that I failed this one. 2014 was a tough year for me emotionally and I neglected to find a place for myself (figuratively) where I am happy. This, however, will definitely be on my 2015 resolutions.

Finding out what I want to do with my life: I would say that I have not found my passion, but I have also not moved backwards in this search. Through my classes, I have been found what I like and don't like, but not yet my passion. This will again be on my 2015 resolutions list.

Eating healthier and work out more: I surprisingly accomplished this to a certain extent this year. I did start eating (a little) healthier and started going to the gym and running. This mainly happened due to my fear of gaining the Freshman 15. During these past few holiday months, however, eating healthy has kind of fallen through and I have to pick up my better routine this year.

Join a yoga class: I did accomplish this resolution! I joined my college's beginners yoga class during my spring quarter, and I actually kind of enjoyed it! I haven't gone back since June, but I'm planning on continuing with possibly more challenging yoga classes later this year!

Did you accomplish your 2014 resolutions?
Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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