Monday, December 22, 2014

Last Minute Gift Wrapping Ideas!

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you're like me, you still have some holiday gifts to wrap and put under the tree. While printed wrapping paper from the store may be fun and cute, sometimes it can be overpriced and can feel like you are wasting tons of paper. However, there are many (cute!) ways to wrap your gifts while not having to rush to store to pick up extra supplies. Below are four ways for last-minute gift wrapping ideas without feeling like your breaking your wallet!

Top Left: This first idea is super easy and can be a fun craft project. First take some plain paper bags or gift bags. Next, take an old sponge and cut it into a small circle, about the size of a quarter. Next, dip the sponge in white paint, and then squeeze the sponge so there is no extra residue dripping. Lastly, press the sponge onto the bag and decorate it in any pattern that you want!

Top Right: For this next wrapping idea, take a paint brush or sponge and dip it in some white or colored paint. Next, splatter a piece of plain packing paper with the paint by flicking your wrist towards the paper. To prevent any messes, I would recommend doing this outside. Next, after the paint has dried, wrap the gift and tie it off with some twine and decorate it with a pine tree branch that you can just find outside!

Bottom Right: For this wrapping idea, first simply wrap your gift with plain packaging paper. Next, taking some ribbon, cut it into eight stripes that are long enough to wrap around the gift. Taking four of the stripes, wrap them individually around the package one way, tying them each off at the bottom. Take the other four stripes and wrap around the opposite sides of the package, tying them off at the bottom. Lastly, arrange the stripes around to make them look more neat and to your liking, and voila! You're done!

Bottom Left: This last wrapping idea is probably cheapest and most eco-friendly of the four ideas. Just simply take whatever old maps or books/atlases that you have and use it to wrap your gift! Next, tie the package with some twine and decorate with some small branches or leaves that you find outside. This wrapping is cute and will stand out from the other store-bought wrapping paper!

I hope you that you found these ideas helpful!

What is your favorite way to wrap your gifts?

Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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