Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas!

When you are bombarded in stores with heart-shaped boxes and flowers all shades of pink, you know it's that time of the year: Valentine's Day. While I believe that Valentine's day and consumerism are two peas in a pod, I do think that it's a great time to spend time with a loved one. Whether you have a special someone to share the date or having just as much fun with some friends, picking an outfit for that special day can be challenging! Here are a few ideas for any occasion on Valentine's Day.

Pop of Pink

This first outfit is perfect for either a date night or a fun "singles" night with friends. The white lace detailed dress is flattering without being too revealing. Compliment the dress with white and gold accessories and a simple bag. As for the pop of color, bright pink looks chic against an all white outfit. Since the bright pink is also focused on the shoes rather than the dress, the outfit is perfect for those who don't like making a statement, but still want to have a bit of color in the ensemble.

Date Night: The Classics

Top / Necklace / Skirt / Earrings / Heels
Red is a Valentine's day classic and nothing looks more classic against red than a neutral color, such as white and black. Keeping the red statement on one piece of the outfit, such as the skirt, and then adding neutral pieces to the look keeps the outfit simple and elegant. Concentrating white on the top, while wearing black heels further prevents clashing in the outfit and keeps the focus on the skirt.

Fun Night In

Last but not least is probably the outfit I will be wearing this Valentine's day! Whether you are staying in with your friends or special someone for movie night, or winding down at home with your friends after a night outfit, this outfit is cute, comfortable look that is easy to put together. Pair together a cute graphic tee with a pair of pajama shorts or pants. I've always to do a pampering night-in on a Valentine's day with friends, which includes nail polish, face masks, and if you're staying in by yourself, a nice bath melt. Oh, and of course chocolate!

What are you planning on wearing this Valentine's Day?
Please leave you thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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