Tuesday, April 21, 2015

High-End Sandals For Less!

Since it is now spring with summer just right around the corner, it is officially (or almost officially, depending on where you live) sandal season. Sandals are more airy and are typically less restricting than boots. While there is a sandal for almost every occasion, sometimes the price for some sandals are over your budget. If you want a trendy shoe without a crying wallet, continue reading to see five high-end sandals for less!

A staple in every sandal-lover's closet is similar pair of brown strappy wedges. These Forever 21 Strappy Wedges are an almost exact dupe for the Jessica Simpson 'Jadyn' Wedges. Both shoes have a solid colored wedge with simple crisscrossing straps, making it versatile shoe that would transition perfectly from day to night. The only two main, and minor, differences between the two wedges is that the Forever 21 wedges have a small buckle on one of the straps and are also a little bit taller.

Metallic flat sandals are perfect if you want a shoe that can be easily dressed down or dressed up without the added height. The Target Sandals are a close dupe to the Steve Madden "Agathist" Sandals, with both sandals feature a gold metallic crisscross straps and a unique toe (or separating) strap. While they are both very similar, there are a few differences between the two shoes. One difference is that the color of the straps of the two shoes are slightly different as well as the buckle placement. These, however, are minor differences considering the Target sandals are a third of the price compared to the Steve Madden sandals.

If you are looking for a more casual, beach-inspired wedge, the Target Sandels are a very close alternative to the Steve Madden 'Seaside' Wedges. Both wedges feature a espadrille style with a braided jute detailing on the wedge. The two wedges also have one strap across the front of the shoe and another strap wrapping around the ankle. As you can notice in the photos above, there are a few differences. One difference is that the straps on the Steve Madden wedges are patent leather, while the straps on the Target wedges are a matte faux-leather material. Another minor difference is that the Target wedges have extra gold detailing around the ankle strap.

If you are looking for a pair of sandals that are on the more trendy side, these Target Sandals are an almost an exact dupe for the Steve Madden 'Gomly' Sandal. Both shoes have a snake-print pattern on the straps and both feature a similar unique strap shape. The only minor differences between the shoes is that they are both slightly different in color. It is also important to note that typically with more pricey sandals, you are also paying for quality.

This last sandals comparison is between the Forever 21 Sandals and the Steve Madden 'Evict' Sandals. The Forever 21 and Steve Madden sandals are both all-black with similar thick, minimal straps. The only differences between the sandals is that the Forever 21 sandal has a slightly higher heel and has a wider buckle in a different placement. Those differences, however, are small considering the Forever 21 sandals are over half the price of the Steve Madden sandals.

What are your go-to sandals for the warmer months?

I would love to read your answer in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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