Monday, January 16, 2012

Pan Am: Kate's Simple Pretty Look

I was watching Pan Am and when I saw this outfit, it immediately became one of my favorites!

Dress: This dress is a modern twist to the one Kate was wearing above. And the bows on the back adds a nice girly touch. It may be hard to find a dress similar to the one above now, but in the summertime, I know Forever 21 and Nordstrom BP sells dresses similar to that one.

Brooch: Here's a brooch similar to the gold one Kate was wearing.

Belt: Here Kate is wearing a cream colored belt, dark enough to stand out from the white dress.
Here's a white belt close to the one she is wearing.

If you want to dress it done a little bit, add a tan belt, so it looks more casual but has the same feel.

Earrings: Kate during that episode was wearing a pair of pearl earrings. You can just about find fake pearl earrings anywhere.

Shoes: Here, Kate is wearing a pair pointy tan/brown heels, what looks like suede heels. Here are some shoes that look similar.
GUESS 'Gessica' Pump, on sale now for $50

To dress down the outfit, pair it with a pair of tan flats. These flats alone would tone down the white dress and cream colored belt.

Bag: Kate's bag was white with a tan flap. Here's some bags close to the one she's holding.

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  3. I love this style, it looks so classy and feminine :)


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