Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Fashion Must-Haves 2012!

Here are some of my personal winter fashion must-haves

Winter Fashion 2012

1. One accessory that every girl needs in the winter is a chunky scarf. Whether it is solid or patterned, a chunky scarf is something that will keep you warm and make any outfit look more put together
2. Gold and Brass Bracelets are often in style in the winter. Layering bracelets makes an outfit more personal or "you". Gold ascents brown clothing items and accessories real well.
3. Polka Dot/Chiffon Tees, or more like polka dot anything are in this winter. The polka dot shirt shown from nordstrom  BP is perfect for winter. It's classy, fun, and looks perfect with a pair of black jeans!
4. Something that was in last year and is back this winter are sweater dresses! Paired with tights and boots or flats, it's warm, yet cute! This one shown is from nordstrom BP.
5. Rose Gold Watches were in during the fall, and are still in for the winter! They are so cute yet sophisticated. Looks cute when paired with a 3/4 length blazer. The one shown is from Marc by Marc Jacobs, but you can find similar ones at Forever 21 and Target.
6. A pair of Riding Boots are cute and warm! Pair them with a pair of black skinny jeans and that polka dot shirt, and you have the perfect winter outfit that you can wear anywear! You can find riding boots almost everywhere, from Forever 21, to Target, to Nordstrom.
7. An accessory that has been in for a while are Small Cross Body Bags. I like this one shown, because it has a beat-up look, perfect for winter.
8. Long Necklaces are prefect when paired with a plain sweater. They just add more to the outfit and can make the outfit more "you".
9. "Shark-bite" sweaters are in this winter. They had a nice twist to a simple sweater. The one shown is from nordstrom BP. Pair with a cute belt and skinny jeans, and you have the perfect outfit!
10. Black Skinny Jeans are a nice change from the usual blue jeans and are in this winter. They are slimming and they make any outfit look more put together! Pair with a lose top or sweater and flats, and you're good to go!

(haha, sorry, but I didn't realize that everything was from Nordstrom until I finished this post. You can find similar items at stores like H&M and Target.)

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