Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thank you so much Gazzy!

Wow! I can't say thank you enough to Gazzy ( for nominating me for this award! This is my first award, and I really appreciate it! She is an amazing blogger, so please check her out! 
The rules
- Thank the person that nominated you, and give them a shout out on your blog with a link to their blog.
- Share 7 random facts about youself. 
- Send on the award to 15 other bloggers whose blogs you appreciate and then let them know they have won this award.  
7 facts about me
- I have never gotten highlights, dyed my hair and gotten any tanning besides the natural tan I get from the sun.
- My friends don't know about my blog, just because I don't know what they would think, even though I love them all!
- I swear by pasta! I love any type of pasta, or anything with carbs!
- I love playing sports, even though I'm not on any sport teams
- I'm considering making my own youtube channel after I'm done with high school and in college.
- I'm a pretty shy person, but when I'm around my friends, I am a total weirdo!
- Most people don't know that I like fashion and beauty.

Here are a few other bloggers! (I'm really sorry that I only have a couple, but I don't know that many blogs and I will add more when I discover more).
- Erin

Please comment and follow!<3


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  2. You're welcome sweetie! Your blog is worth it! i was wondering if you could contact me because i want to do a post related to you? :')


  3. Congratulations on your blog award! My friends don't know about my blog either! x

  4. You have a great blog it's really fun to read :)Also I agree with you about pasta, it's the best food :P

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