Monday, April 21, 2014

High End Sandal Wedges for Less! (Feat. Target)

Summer is just around the corner and one fashion piece that has been catching my eye is wedges. Being below the average height for a girl, I think that wedges are a great way to had height while also have that sweet girl-next-door look. Wedges, however, can run pretty pricey, especially during the peak of spring and summer clothing shopping! If you want a really well-made shoe, maybe opt for splurging extra on a nicer pair of wedges. However, if you want something trendy for just the spring and summer, try looking for some more affordable options! Read on to see some of the wedges that I found at Target that are close dupes to ones found at department stores!

The Target wedge sandals and the DV by Dolce Vita 'Jaslyn' Wedges are two-toned wedges look nearly identical with the cork wedge, detailed border, and are about the same height! The only differences are that the Target brand doesn't have have the detailed border at the bottom of the heel, the white leather straps are a little different, and the tan leather straps are slightly different in color. These, however, are minor differences, and for the price difference, the Target wedges are definitely a steal!

The Target cork wedges and the Lucky Brand 'Miller 2' Wedges are both very similar and if you don't look super closely, they look almost identical! Both wedges have thick a cork wedge and criss-cross canvas straps. They also have similar stud detailing. The two only differences are that the Lucky Brand's front strap wraps around the the side of the wedge and its straps are a little more matte. However, for an almost $55 price difference, those are two very minor differences.

These Target wedges and the DV and Dolce by Vita 'Tabby' Wedges both feature a high cork wedge, gold detailing, and nudge straps. The major differences between these wedges is that the DV by Dolce Vita wedges have two gold metal embellishments on the vertical strap, while the Target wedges have only one gold embellishment. The DV by Dolce Vita's straps also wrap around the ankle one more time than the Target wedges. The Target wedges, however, are still an excellent dupe for the more pricey DV by Dolce Vita wedges!

These two wedges probably have the most differences than the other pairs shown above. The Target wedges and the Steve Madden 'Indyanna' Wedges, however, do have many similarities. Both wedges have a solid neutral wedge and many black straps. They also both strap around the ankle! Although the Steve Madden wedges have gold detailing and its straps are less concentrated, the Target wedges are a good dupe if you want to save $50!

I hope you found this post helpful!
Do you like splurging on wedges or opt to find more affordable options?
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