Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Got to Meet SprinkleofGlitter!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be in the same city as Louis or also known on Youtube as SprinkleofGlitter! Louis happened to be in Seattle this past weekend and I happen to go to college in Seattle, so I got really lucky! She held a casual meetup at a park near downtown Seattle and there wasn't too many people there (around 30-50... I'm bad at estimating), so it wasn't busy or crowded (like the Macbarbie07 meetup)! It was also a beautiful sunny day, so she luckily missed the Seattle rain!

I wasn't planning on going, but the main reason why I went was because my sister loves Louis's Youtube channel, so I wanted Louis to sign a paper with her photo on it that I brought. But I'm so glad I went! Louis was so funny and nice just like in her videos! She told some pretty funny stories, which were fun to hear! Her outfit was also so adorable and she looked so pretty! Her daughter wasn't there though, but I understand considering Louis was going to be busy with the get together.

Overall it was pretty awesome meeting SprinkleofGlitter and I still can't believe how lucky I got considering she lives in England!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Which Youtuber would you love to meet?
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Here's my post about when I met Macbarbie07 (link here)!

Thank you for reading!

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