Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jessica Alba's Peoples Choice Awards 2014 Makeup Tutorial!

Yesterday was the People Choice Awards, and with award shows comes red carpet looks! One makeup look that I especially liked was Jessica Alba's. Her skin was flawless yet very simple, along with the rest of her makeup. Although she is wearing a smokey eye, the eye makeup actually doesn't seem like it involves many colors and is actually quiet simple. Read on to see my take on her look!

  • Illuminating Foundation: Apply with a makeup sponge or dense brush for a more natural finish. 
  • Powder: Dust lightly on the t-zone to set the foundation and to keep your face from getting oily throughout the day. 
  • Illuminating Concealer: Brighten up the eye area with an illuminating concealer. If you want to highlight your face more, apply the concealer to the tops of your cheek bones and down the bridge of your nose to highlight. 
  • Rosy Bronzer: Jessica Alba isn't wearing too much on her cheeks so finish off the face look with a rosy bronzer on the apples of your cheeks (this will double as a blush and bronzer, which cuts back on products!).

  • Shimmery Champagne Eyeshadow: Apply all over the lid and a little in the inner corner. 
  • Next, before applying the crease color, take a small piece of tape and place on the outer corner of the eye with the edge of the tape following the direction of your bottom lash line (this will help create a clean line on the outer corner later). 
  • Dark Brown Matte Eyeshadow: Using a blending brush, apply to the crease all the way to the inner corner of the eye (with more product focused on the outer corner and little bit focused on the inner corner). Blend a little in the outer corner as well into the champagne color.
  • Carefully remove the tape next and you will see that you will have a clean line on the outer part of the eye makeup.
  • Matte Flesh-Toned Eyeshadow: Apply to your brow bone as a highlight!

  • Black Liquid Eyeliner: Apply a thin line of eyeliner to the upper lash line. Apply the eyeliner thicker on the outer corner and as you get closer to the inner corner, make the line thinner. End the eyeliner a third of a way from the inner corner.
  • Flirty False Eyelashes: To get a more accurate eye look, take a pair of long eye lashes that are thicker on the outer corner and using eyelash glue, apply to the upper lash line.
  • Black Mascara: To blend the false eyelashes and your real lashes together, apply a black mascara to the upper lashes. Also apply lightly bottom lashes.

To get Jessica Alba's nude pink lip color, apply a nude pink lipstick with a frosty or glossy finish to finish the look!

I hope you found this post helpful!

What celebrity inspired looks would you like to see?

Thank you for reading!

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