Thursday, January 23, 2014

NYC Smooth Skin "Sunny" Bronzer: A Review + Swatches!

For the longest time, I have been on the hunt for a bronzer without a hefty price tag. Drugstore bronzers don't usually get as much hype as higher-end bronzers, however, one bronzer that has been getting a bit of attention in the beauty world is the NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in "Sunny." I have heard about this bronzer for a while, however, I never bothered to pick it up. Having graduated from high school and in college, I never wore that much face makeup and a bronzer didn't really seem like a necessity. Recently however, I picked this bronzer up at Target and it didn't take long for me to join the cult behind this product!

I bought this bronzer at Target initially not being 100% sure on whether or not I wanted to purchase it and wasn't sure if I actually needed a new bronzer. However, when I saw the price for this product, I was immediately sold. This product at Target was less than $3 ($2.99 to be exact) and with all the hype around the product, I thought this was defiantly a deal!

Pigmentation and Quality: This is a matte bronzer with fairly good pigmentation. It is pigmented enough so that you don't have to cake it on however it isn't overly pigmented so you don't have to be too careful. If you want to build up the product, it is very to build on without looking cakey. This bronzer is easy to apply and does apply smoothly, making it easier to apply and blend. It also suits many skin tones.

Uses: This bronzer also being matte makes it perfect for both contouring and overall bronzing. I apply this bronzer to the hollows of my cheeks, temples, sides of my face, and down the jawline. The bronzer being matte also gives you a nice glow without worrying about being overly shimmery. This bronzer also lives up to it's name as being "smooth."

Packaging: In terms of packaging, the compact is not bulky, making it easy to travel with. It also comes with a built-in mirror which surprised me, considering the price and most drugstore products don't come with mirrors. This product also came with a sponge applicator, however, I'm honestly not a huge fan of it, especially for applying bronzer. I think that the best way to apply bronzer for a natural look is a makeup brush.

Downsides: I have to say that I do think that this a good bronzer, without being too orange or muddy and without the worry of making you look like an umpa-lumpa. However, I did find that this bronzer was the tiniest bit on the orange side, however, it's nothing to worry about and shouldn't really be a game changer. That would probably be my only (small) complaint about this product.

   - Good pigmentation
   - Smooth and easy to apply and blend
   - Very affordable
   - Slick packaging and built in mirror
   - Matte and natural looking

   - Just slightly a bit orange

Price: $2.99 (Target)

Overall Rating: 8 out of 10

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