Monday, January 20, 2014

Get the Style: Emma Watson's Winter Street Style!

I absolutely love Emma Watson's street style! Emma Watson is seen wearing very simple and basic pieces, and is able to make these simple pieces into a chic outfit! She will also occasionally be seen in more trendy pieces, such as the classic cape. She is also usually seen wearing a lot of naturals and greys and blacks, especially in the winter. Read on to see my take on her outfits!

I absolutely love this first outfit! This outfit is a fairly simple yet still a very chic and classic. For the top, pair a classic white oxford shirt with a black classic cape, putting the collar of the shirt over the cape. Next, pair a pair of black jeans with the outfit to match the cape. Finish up the look with a pair of black riding boots to complete the chic outfit!

Jacket, Tank, Sunglasses, Jeans, Bag, Boots
This second outfit is a casual outfit that's perfect for a day out with friends or for a casual date. Emma Watson pairs a brown leather jacket with a white lace detailed tank, which I think is the perfect way to make a leather jacket look more delicate. She is also wearing a pair of washed out black skinny jeans with short black "moto" boots with straps, which bring a little edgy-ness to the outfit. Finish the outfit that two chic pieces: tortoiseshell sunglasses and a classic black satchel.

This last outfit is another casual outfit that pairs simple, basic pieces into the perfect everyday outfit. First pair a black long open cardigan with a white tee. Next, Emma Watson was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and grey fringe scarf. For a little pop of color, pair a pair of short brown booties with the outfit. Finish the outfit is an edgy black studded satchel.

I hope you found this helpful!

Who do you look up for style inspiration?
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