Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Ten: Favorite Hair Buns and Knots

One of the most timeless hairstyles is the simple hair bun. Whether it's just an easy loop knot or a more intricate braided bun, hair buns are simple way of adding more to a look while not having to worry about your hair being in your way. I personally always wear a simple hair bun when I'm just around the house because its an easy way to keep my hair out of my face when I'm busy. I also, however, love the look of a more complicated bun with twists and braids and I think that they look so elegant for a special occasion! Read on to see some of my favorite hair buns and knots!

Swirl Hair Bun
Sock Bun
Side Twists Into A Bun
Bow Bun
Messy Bun
Headband Tuck Bun
Messy Sock Bun
Messy Side Bun
Half-Up Messy Bun
Twisted Bun
And here's an extra photo that I found that was too cute not to include in this post..

I hope you enjoyed this post!
What's your favorite hair bun?
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