Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Get the Style: Taylor Swift Summer Street Style

When doesn't Taylor Swift get it right? Taylor Swift can always be counted on if you're looking for a style icon who has classic style. This summer, she has been seen wearing a lot of shorts and skirts with her classic oxfords, but has also been wearing brighter colors that are perfect for the summer! To recreate her outfits, the most basic clothing pieces can be put together to get a perfect casual summer outfit. And don't forget to finish the outfit off with a classic red lip!

Outfit #1
Striped Tee, Jean Shorts, Black Satchel, Oxfords, Necklace, Sunglasses
This outfit is a classic Taylor Swift outfit combining stripes with oxford flats! This outfit would be perfect for a casual day out with friends or family! Start the outfit by pairing a basic black/navy and white striped tee with a pair of cuffed denim shorts. For shows, Taylor Swift was wearing a pair of heeled oxfords, but any pair of brown oxfords would work for this outfit. For accessories, wear a black satchel and small pendant necklace with a pair of red wafer sunglasses!

Outfit #2
Dress, Bag, Heels, Earrings, Lip Crayon
This outfit is more bold and colorful compared to many of the outfits seen on Taylor Swift, while still being classic and well put together. This outfit is fun and perfect for anything from a day out with friends to family get together. The center of this outfit is Taylor's beautiful and colorful dress. Start off with a short white dress with red floral prints. Add a green crossbody and green heels to accent the dress. Although it can't be seen the in photo above, Taylor Swift was also wearing a pair of gold or silver butterfly earrings. Finish off the outfit with a classic brightened red lip color.

Outfit #3
Top, Earrings, Skirt, Bag, Heels
This third outfit that Taylor Swift wore reminds me of something that she would have worn in her "Begin Again" music video, since it is a more vintage look that incorporates lighter and delicate colors. To get this look, start off with a white flowy blouse paired with a light blue skater skirt. For shoes and handbags, any pair of low gray suede heels would look perfect with the skirt and faded brown purse. Lastly, for jewelry, even though you couldn't see what earrings Taylor was wearing, she is often seen with gold or silver studs, which would work well with the faded and subdued colors in this outfit.

Outfit #4
Sweater, Shorts, Shirt, Heels, Bag, Rings
This outfit is a more professional outfit than the previous outfits shown, but can still be worn for a day or lunch out with friends or family. To recreate this outfit, first pair a white collared button down shirt with a navy cardigan or blazer. For the pop of color, pair a pair of dark fuchsia shorts with the outfit. For shoes, Taylor Swift was wearing a her classic pair of brown heeled oxford. Lastly, finish off the outfit by accessorising with a gray satchel handbag and few gold or silver rings.

I hope you found this post helpful!
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