Friday, October 24, 2014

Get the Look: Lily Collin's "Love Rosie" Premiere Makeup Look!

Before I get into the makeup, can I just ask to take a minute to soak in gorgeousness that is that dress? So pretty! I love everything about Lily Collin's look at the Love Rosie premiere! The purple ombre of the dress was perfect for the fall and the makeup was on par with the dress. Her makeup featured many purple and berry colors on the eyes, cheeks, and lips, that complimented the dress beautifully. This makeup would be perfect for a formal fall occasion, but could also be appropriate for an everyday fall look!

  • BB Cream: Start the makeup with a little bit of BB Cream or concealer. You can adjust the coverage to your liking or you can skip this step if you don't wear foundation.
  • Bronzer: Lily didn't have on a lot of bronzer, so just apply a little bronzer with a bronzer or contour brush to the hollows of you cheekbones, on your temples, and down the jawline.
  • Pink or Lilac Blush: Any blue-toned pink blush or lilac blush will work for this look! Apply the blush lightly to the apples of you cheeks, blending into to the sides of your face.

  • Light Pearl Eyeshadow: Apply the eyeshadow using a pencil brush in the inner corners of you eyes and in the tear duct area. Also apply a little under the brow bone.
  • Light Lilac Eyeshadow: Apply the eyeshadow all over the lid, up to the crease. Taking a pencil brush, also apply the eyeshadow under the bottom lash line. 
  • Deep Berry Plum Eyeshadow: Using a fluffy crease brush, apply the eyeshadow lightly into the crease, using a windshield wiper motion. Next, using a denser crease brush, apply a little more eyeshadow directly into the crease and blend well.

  • Black Liquid Eyeliner: Apply a thin to medium sized line from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. When you reach the outer corner of the eye, make a small straight wing. Lily didn't have a large cat eye, so applying a small wing will help you achieve the look and elongate your eyes.
  • Black Mascara: Apply several coats to the upper lashes, focusing on the outer corners. Also apply a little bit on you lower lashes.
  • Brow Powder: To get Lily's beautiful brows, fill in your brows with a little bit of powder.

The highlight of this look (in my opinion) and what pulled the look together was Lily's gorgeous lip color! Apply a Plum Lipstick, such as NYX's Butter Lipstick in "Hunk". You can also blend some concealer around your lips after to help clean up the edges.

What did you think of Lily Collin's look?
Please leave your thoughts in a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

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