Tuesday, October 21, 2014

One Little Black Dress 3 Ways!

The little black dress (aka, the LBD)...It can never do you wrong! Everyone loves a LBD, but surprisingly enough, I didn't own one until earlier this fall. I have always been on the hunt for that LBD that can be dressed down and up. After hunting at several stores, I finally found this Lush dress from Nordstrom BP. This dress is perfect for the fall nights because of its long sleeves, but is also light enough for those warmer days! I hope to also do an outfit post featuring the dress in the future. I also love how it's not your typical skater dress style. Below I have three outfits put together, that not only work for the Lush dress, but also will work for any little black dress!

This first outfit is probably my favorite out of all the outfits! (I know that I should have probably put it last, but decided to put it first since it's the most fall appropriate outfit). Without the earrings, the outfit wearable for class, and with some gold accessories, it is perfect for fall nights! Of course, start off the outfit with the black dress! Next, wear cream infinity scarf and a pair of black tights for some added warmth, which is perfect for the fall! Nothing says fall like boots, so add a pair of brown booties! Finish off the outfit with a pair of gold hoop earrings!

This next outfit is a great way to incorporate the little black dress into your wardrobe during the warmer months! Start off my pairing the black dress with a pair of nude wedges. The nude color will help elongate your legs and the lighter color is great for the spring and summer. The great part about wearing a black dress is that you are able add color through accessories without seeming overdone. Wear a colorful statement necklace and a pink lip color for some pops of color!

This last outfit is way to wear your LBD in settings or events that require you to be a little more formal or professional. Even though this outfit may be labeled as business casual, I would totally wear this outfit on a night out with friends! First pair a pair of classic black pumps with your black dress. Next, keep the accessories simple with just a pair of gold earrings. Lastly, add a black tote or satchel to finish off the chic look!

How do you wear your little black dress?
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Thank you for reading!

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